Friday, November 18, 2011

Be Inspired to Be You

Hi all! Today I welcome Jenna Quentin to My First Book. Jenna's a health nut, evangelical hippy, who loves the cheese and wine of her adopted country France. She writes for teen and middle grade magazines and random websites. Her current work in progress is a middle grade novel called The Magicless, set in a parallel universe that looks like modern France. She blogs at Meandering in a Field of Words about things from life, movies and books that are inspiring or examples of inspiration. She's on Twitter @JennaQuentin and on facebook as Jenna Quentin.

Take it away, Jenna!

Be Inspired to Be You

We all wanna be J.K. Rowling or Nathan Bransford or somebody. We think of changing kids' lives with the words over which we agonized. We imagine having a grant to support us while we write full-time. We dream of the house we'll buy in the Pyrénées mountains when we sell the film rights. We say we do it because we love it, because it's in our souls, because we'd shrivel up and die if we didn't. But I think we all dream of being writer rock stars or young adult fiction idols.

Like Emerson's transparent eyeball, taking in information without being observed, I try to be very thirsty sponge soaking up everything around me and using it for inspiration. I recently saw this music video by my beautiful Michael Bublé (ok, he's not mine). It spoke to me about my writerly aspirations and believing in myself. 'Cause most days I feel like if I'm not a blazing glorious success, that I should just give up. RRRRR. Wrong answer.

I'm not saying that we should not aim high. But there's a difference between being all we can be and being thinking that we have to be a particular something in order to be at our best. How can we be realistic in our goals, but still shoot for the stars?

I don't know the answer for everyone. But I want to encourage any writers or starving artists or dreamers..."Keep on lovin' what is true, and the world will come to you, you can find it in yourself."

What is your dream? Do you have a song that lifts you up when you need it, that keeps you dreaming and says you can achieve it?


  1. My dream is too keep on writing and hope people will love my stories and characters.

  2. I aspire to be Misha. She's my hero. Screw that Rowling person :P

  3. Love this, great inspiration! Great to meet you, Jenna, I'm heading to your blog now. :)

    Thanks for hosting, Misha. Have a great weekend!

  4. Paperback Writer, by The Beatles.

  5. Rachna: Great dream - seems like a mutual one!

    Michael: Yeah, J.K. hasn't had me as a guestposter yet...when she's does I'll rethink my position ;)

    Julie: Great to meet you too - have a fabulous day!

    Shelly: Went to youtube to listen to that song again - made my morning and juiced me up for a good writing session!

  6. Writing is the coolest job in the uni! What a way to live!

    Anything by the Beatles. Yeah. And Casting Crowns. *waving*

  7. Staine Glass Masquerade by Casting Crowns is a favorite, Robyn! Keeps me real ;)

  8. I think if we're honest we would all like to write that GREAT novel!

    I'm 72 and haven't yet, but I've enjoyed the journey of writing - and keep enjoying it. For one thing, I've met some incredible bloggers/writers who are now my friends.

    I'm now off to check out Jenna's blog.
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  9. I am with Ann; the journey of writing is a reward all unto itself.

  10. Ann and Susan: The journey sure hits some deep valleys and high mountains! I had a good talk with a friend yesterday, and in talking, realized once again how passionate I am about writing. Yup, this journey is in itself a great reward! Nice to meet ya'll too.


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