Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NaNo Day 15: Oh for a sweet distraction

Something dangerous is happening. Well, dangerous to the success of this year's NaNo.

My muse is going all: Well, this is sweet, but let's go looking at Doorways. Or even your western. Remember? The two that are already done but need some polish?

Yeah. My muse is a heinous bitch sometimes.

So here I am, fighting really hard to focus on my NaNo project, but the words are slowing down, because I'm spending half the time reminding myself that I am in fact in draft mode and that I don't have time to do edits on anything.


Anyone have any advice?


  1. I wish I had advice, but I think you're ahead of me in the word count, so anything I say probably wouldn't help. Except that I realized last night that I don't write well on a very full stomach. In fact, I just fall asleep.

  2. Need to think to yourself, do I need another book that needs editing? Or would it be better to work on those already 'completed'. On the other hand, the more books you write the better your work will become. Like any other skill, you are practicing, and that is all that matters. You'll know when you reach the point when you sense you have sufficient experience and you have complete confidence in what you are producing. Then you'll work on that and nothing will distract you. I have several unedited books that were necessary to reach the stage I am now at. On a scale from 1 to 10 I've written myself to about 7. Shall keep trying to improve. Good luck and just write and write. You'll get there, whatever I say. :0)

  3. Just concentrate on getting that story out. The rest will happen in its own sweet time.

  4. Veronica Roth, author of DIVERGENT, had a brilliant post about skipping around in the scenes and writing out of order. I think she posted it yesterday. Perhaps that is what your brain is telling you. Maybe you are at a more boring part in the story or are not quite sure what to write next or something like that. Perhaps you should think of a new scene in the book that makes you excited and write it. Or go back and read one of your old scenes that you loved to reignite your brain to want to finish this book without searching through the old ones.

  5. Have the characters from your other works come into your Nano book! Steal heavily from your own plots. :D

  6. Take a deep breath, girl, or your wheels are really gonna spin.

    Only the best no matter which way you go :-)

  7. I drink tea so I have two seconds to think about what's next as I sip. Then I get up and reheat the tea for a longer think. Then I get up and pee from drinking so much tea. The rule is to come back and keep moving forward, not take care of that niggling phrase from two pages ago. Can't say it always works though!!! Bon courage!

  8. I'm in the same position! It's tough writing something new while still working on something else. The best thing I figured out was putting all of it off for a day to get a clear head...so far so good. Best of luck! :)


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