Monday, February 16, 2015

Another prayer request.

I'm still alive, but I'm reaching the end of my tether.

Yes, I know that I never had a long one to begin with, but I've been doing as best I could to burn through it slowly. To be honest, I think I did quite well.

But now...

Let's just say that when living in two caravans with one's family isn't too bad when you know it's only for two weeks to a month.

It's a big problem when it's running into two months.

It's a huge problem when the electricity we're supposed to live on isn't even strong enough to keep a printer alive (never mind the equipment needed for an internet connection) and when it's so dodgy that it's blown (to date) two freezers, four chargers, a dishwasher and (possibly) my tablet.

It's a massive problem when it's starting to become winter and we don't even have a geezer.

But what makes the problem epic is that our landlord, but I'm not going to go into that for legal reasons.

In short, though, I need some serious prayers for me and my family, because unless things turn around as soon as tomorrow, 2015 will make 2014 look like a cake walk and I seriously seriously don't want that.