Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hi all! Just a reminder to come check out tomorrow's installment of GPF.

So... yesterday went about as swimmingly as the one before. (Insert cringe here.) Despite all my efforts, I just couldn't get myself to write. Finally, I decided to just do some character chats or something to get my mind to work creatively.

I ground out two hundred words in an hour and a half.

And accidentally deleted every. damn. one.

At which point, I lost it completely (sorry twitter peeps).

As a way of escaping, I decided to go read up a bit on one of my favorite websites ever.

Everyone, repeat after me: It was originally about television tropes (hence the name) but eventually, the wiki expanded to include all sorts of other media. I love it. Want to read about the Mary-Sue or the Marty-Stu? Or deus ex machina? Or tropes by genre? Anything, it's there. With examples.

It took me about thirty minutes to start wanting to write, but I didn't. I just kept reading tropes and went to sleep. This morning, I woke up an hour early and started again. I must say, it felt as if I was writing against resistance, but hell. I've got 970 words down so far. I'm starting to get some form of direction again, but that joy wasn't there yet.

At about 08H00, Devin kept me company via Skype... Eventually, we were starting to talk about what I was busy writing. At that stage, I wanted to introduce James to one of my baddies, but realized that the baddie I wanted to introduce him to (the one whose life was extended by a book) is not exactly the type that would keep him alive...

So on this topic, Devin and I went on to discuss how JK Rowling did it.

My mind did a double take and kind of asked my muse: "Wait... What?"

There was this sound of the gears of my creativity engaging... The sudden rush of ideas that flooded my brain was astounding.

And I got it.


It, people! IT.

That thing that will lead the entire series from where I am now to the end. The very end. And every book in between.


Small word.

Huuuuuuge knowledge to have.

Now I have that rush again.

So... I'm going to go write it all down while I still remember everything.

Have you ever experienced what I am completely failing to describe? How did it feel?


  1. Good luck. I hope you keep up the writing momentum :O)

  2. What an awesome feeling! Just goes to show that, on this emotional rollercoaster of writing, there's always another "up".

  3. This happened to me last night while I was driving home. I have a book that's been plaguing me. I couldn't make the pieces snap into place. I worked it out in my head and began murmuring to myself--to my 11 year old son's concern--and found the missing link. Great feeling. Awesome feeling. Write on!

  4. Oh! I'm SO happy for you! I know just what it's like to be in a slump and then TA DA! to have the lightbulb turned on and the way made visible. Good luck and HAVE FUN!

  5. I'm in a quiet malaise myself. I'm hoping for a breakthrough tomorrow night in the quiet of my hotel room.

    Breakfast Every Hour

  6. Awe! I hate when that happens! Glad you could sleep and come back to it, though. That is often the best way.

  7. Haha, well I'm glad the magic of Snape worked for you! We'll have a dance party for getting IT. (Perhaps Snape will join us. :P)

  8. The only word I can come up with to describe it is serendipity. It's the most marvelous (addictive) feeling. It's what keeps me writing through alls the discouragements that writing brings.

  9. Hmm, I like a good word war to boost my creativity! As for 'it', yeah, I've never quite reached that pinnacle of 'it'. I've gotten the next step, but not the whole staircase, if you know what I mean.

  10. Good grief, I think she's got 'it' :)
    Take care Misha.
    In kindness, the shy, humble, and gosh darn modest, Gary :)

  11. Wow, great, congratulations!!! It's a great feeling, right????!!!!

  12. Thanks Madeleine! :-)

    So true, Sarah. I guess that's what kept me writing through the difficult times.

    Nice Rachel! It is such a rush! :-)

    Thanks Bish. :-)

    I hope you get it, Alex. :-)

    I agree, Colene. When I woke up, I had less tension than before. :-)

    Hahaha Devin. Do you think Snape can dance? ;-)

    Connie, I think it's the same with me. When I'm in the darkest of places, I know that some idea will eventually hit me. I just need to be there to catch it. :-)

    Haha Shannon, I know exactly what you mean. Perfect description of what happened yesterday. The only thing is that the starecase is darkened. I can see all of it, just not all of the details. ^_^

    Thanks Gary. Love, your friendly egotist. ;-P

    Awesome, Erica, awesome. :-D

  13. Hey! I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award! Happy writing!

  14. The IT moment - I know it so well, but sadly it does not strike often. I'm thrilled you've found it! Yay!

  15. Wow thanks Marjorie! :-)

    Thanks Ellie. It is a wonderful experience. :-)


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