Thursday, March 24, 2011

Will I make it?

So! I think I got something of a surprise just now. 

I was going to write the following:

My writing application, yWriter has a daily word count target tool. It takes the amount of days I have left, the total amount of words I want to have down and the amount of words left to write and calculates how much I have to write every day to get to the target. 

Yes. Like NaNoWriMo. Unlike NaNo, I have to write *checks* 2205 words per day to finish in time. 

Hey wait. 37k. 37 days. 

I checked the tool and realised that for some reason, the date I set as the goal was 10 April. #headdesk# 

But... this is an excellent surprise. 

1012 words a day feels distinctly doable. 

The finish is so close I can taste it. 

Squee! I think I might be able to finish before 30 April. Sorry for those of you who were wondering how this would end. ;-) 

I just had to share the joy. 

So. Anyone else got a surprise today, good or otherwise? Any other news? I'm dying to know. :-D


  1. Good luck! And, I think you can do it too. No real surprises here. Same ol', same ol'. :)

  2. I'm sure you can do it! You go, girl!

  3. If you rush it, sadly it stands less chance of being published. Take a deep breath, forget the deadline and edit, edit, edit!

  4. I bet that was a sigh of relief for you. You go, girl.

  5. Way to go! Keep your goals in mind, but also know that goals can be adjusted. You've done great so far!

  6. First of all I wish you all the best. Also sharing a good thing is always good.

  7. Yaaaaaaay awesomer deadlines. You can do it!!

    News today? Well, the rain has stopped. Sadly today isn't much of a news day for me. But we'll see if that changes.

  8. My publisher sent the signed contract of my novel back to me a few days ago. My book is one step closer to publication!

  9. Haha, thats a relief :) Best of luck! You can do it!


  10. Congrats!

    Today I finished a new opening with the help of my followers. It was AWESOME! :d

  11. that's really not too bad! Good luck with it : )

  12. No surprises here. You go girl! (Do you hear pom-poms swishing?)

  13. Hey Misha,
    I share your joy. All the best and keep going :)
    I got a surprise today. One of those pesky autograph hunters actually had a pen. Gosh, the life of stardom eh! :) Okay, I'm so kidding...they didn't have a pen!
    Take care and happy writing.
    In kindness, shy and humble Gary :)

  14. You are a house on fire Misha. :) I'm so happy for you in your progress and it sounds quite exciting to be so close to the finish line.

  15. Woot woot! That is a nice surprise.

  16. Thanks Cherie! Your belief in me means a lot. :-)

    Thanks Connie!

    Carole, I'll edit when I have the story done. :-)

    Huge relief, Kelly. ;-)

    Thanks E.J. I now want to see how soon I can get done. :-)

    Thanks Munir. :-)

    Thanks Schmidty. I suppose the change in weather was good news?

    Jeffrey that's awesome! I'm so happy for you.

    Thanks Sarah!

    Going, Marjorie, Going. ;-)

    That's great, T.D. Openings can be a real pain. :-)

    Thanks Elena. :-)

    Thanks Golden! :-D

    Can totally hear them, Bish. ;-)

    Lol Gary. How terrible that they forgot their pen. >_< Happy writing to you too. ;-)

    Michael, it's like my blood is constantly rushing. :-D

  17. Good luck with finishing! I know you can do it! Heck, you might even finish early~

  18. 1012 words a day is definitely doable! I'm sure you can finish it before April 30. :)

    I have yWriter on my laptop, but I never use it, and I didn't even know that was a feature! I have a spreadsheet I created myself that I use. My goal is April 30, too, and unfortunately I DO have to write about 2200 words a day to meet it. But I did just start my fresh draft Friday, ha. Hopefully I can get it done!

  19. Jessica, I love yWriter, it's got a lot of useful features that help to keep my thoughts together. It also has a log to keep track of what you have written and when. Oooh, 2200 words are difficult, but it can be done. Still, I wish you good luck!



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