Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where I go all soft and fluffy...

Hi all! Just wanted to brag a little. I got TWO awards this past week! Thanks Marjorie and David. I will be passing the awards along some time this week. :-)

So... I just want to state:

Theresa. Yesterday's blog was NOT about you. Even if I did sort of post it two days after your giving my work a crit. It was completely not a hint for you to take a flying leap to... well... use your imagination. ;-)

Person's referred to don't read my blog, somewhat sadly, I might add. But of course, far be it from them to do research into the things they criticize.

Aaaanyway. That isn't what today's post is about. Although yesterday's post did get me thinking.

Writing really does help, doesn't it. Even if (rarely) my perspective on an issue remains unchanged, at least I got my feelings out there in a more socially acceptable way. As supposed to... say... slashing tires, keying cars... slapping unknown strangers, or breathing like Darth Vader.

But... blogging helps a lot more. Because yes, it is the exact same as writing on a piece of paper. Except for one major difference.

Any old piece of paper won't give me comments.

Because, ladies and gents, you really made my day yesterday.

Other times, you guys sympathize or give advice and/or support. It sometimes helps me more than you can imagine.

So, for everyone of you that has ever commented on my posts:


And for the silent masses (yes, check my stats when I log in after I checked comments. Every. Single. Time.), you guys and gals make me happy just to know that I'm reaching other people. So: THANK YOU!!!

I might have started highlighting people, but for the purposes of what I wanted to say, I think I will do that at another date and hope that you uber special people know who you are. (You! The one that's staring at the screen. Yes you too.)

Love you all!



  1. Well said (although I can't quite decide whether I feel ├╝ber special or like Big Brother is watching me).

  2. Congrats of the award. Just read your post below and wanted to say that it's so very hard being a writer sometimes, and I think it's healthy for us to vent. Good for you for standing up like that. Hang in there and good things will happen! xx

  3. Hi there Misha,
    Misha, "Just wanted to brag a little." No, not you, I thought you were shy and modest, like me and of course, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! :)
    Congrats on two more awards to add to your bulging trophy cabinet. Happy writing n' stuff, Gary aka klahanie over at a blogging site that is evidently a 'well kept secret' :)

  4. Hooray for blog commenters! They do make life in the blogosphere so much more interesting. (Hooray for crit partners too. The harder they hit us, the better!)

  5. The writing community is small and mighty. We have to look out for each other because later on we'll need the same support, cheerleading and advice. The best part is that it's the right flavor and size for our imaginations.

    Give yourself a pat on the back, you've made this a great blog to comment on!

  6. Congratulations on the award!

    I just read your post from yesterday (I missed it). I can definitely see why you ranted--people like that can be so aggravating.

  7. Have to go check on the last post to get the gist. But blogging sure can be exciting some days...

  8. Misha, you're awesome. I haven't read your post from yesterday (but I will as soon as I finish posting here) but I agree: writing does help. It helps get things into the open, air out the dirty laundry, if I may be so cliche.

    Though every now and then a good "breathing like Darth Vader" moment helps. Especially if you can do it around the person who caused it...hehe...

  9. Congrats on your awards! And a good rant is sometimes the best medicine.

  10. Congrats on your awards. And by the way, people who don't read your blog are totally missing out girlfriend. It's like a slice of chocolate cake with zero calorie...all the sin and none of the guilt.

  11. Haha Ben, the latter. Definitely the latter. ;-P

    Thanks Amy!

    Thanks Alex! :-D

    Oh Penny, modesty is something I see as something of a bad habit. Why not admit that you're awesome? Because each one of us is. ;-) Gary, if you want your blog to be a bit less of a secret, book a guest post and plug your blog a little. :-)

    K.M. I agree with you there. Commenters make it seem as if I am not talking to dead space. It was TERRIBLE when no one commented. I agree with you on the CPs too. When I need info, I don't want to go looking for the truth in someone's opinion. :-)

    So true, Schmidty. It's as if the entire writing community on the blogosphere lives in a sort of symbiosis. Everyone helps everyone. And thanks for your lovely complement! :-D

    Thanks Golden! :-)

    Definitely, Myne. :-)

    Thanks Jen! I love the Vader breath thing, but I'm glad that I didn't master the force choke yet. Things would have looked a bit more violent if I had. ;-P

    Thanks Ciara. :-D

    E.C. Definitely. And it's fast. As soon as I'm through writing it down, I feel better. :-)

    Michael, that is definitely the nicest complement I ever got. Thank you! :-D X


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