Monday, December 9, 2013

Editing Again

I've been taking a bit of a break after November. It was necessary. 

Sometimes, I think I let people think that I'm just rolling along and getting stuff done. That it's just coming easily.
In some ways that's the case. Being a writer really is a matter of sitting down and getting stuff done. It's about making sure that I finish the projects I set out  to finish. 

But at the same time, doing this is difficult. Last month, I went to sleep before midnight... maybe like one week while we were moving house. But only because I practically passed out from exhaustion. And whenever I had the chance, I wrote.
I learned what I'm able to accomplish, because I pushed myself way past my comfort zone. But the fact is that I did get tired, so I rested. 

That rest is over now. It's time for me to sit down, open Birds vs. Bastards  and get my first round of edits done. This week, I might still go a bit slow to get back into the groove, but I will get some editing done. 

Why? Well. I want to get four or five novels out on queries next year, so it would be nice if one is close to ready. So that's where I am at the moment.

Who else is editing in December? 


  1. I get to bed before midnight (but not before 10) usually, but I also almost never get up later than 5am.

  2. Hope everything is done with the move so you can edit.
    The only time I can stay up until midnight is on New Year's Eve, and that's pushing it...

  3. Moving house is exhausting. I'm thankful I haven't had to do it in a while.

    No editing for me this month, but probably in the New Year.

  4. Good luck with everything, Misha!

    December is an editing month for me, but I'm hoping to get back to doing some writing in January.

  5. I have novellas next year, a novel for a 2014 competition and books I want to query in 2015. So I know the feeling. Best of luck.

  6. I wish you much luck with your endeavours.

    I've just finished my revisions for my editor - that is a huge weight off my mind. Now I need to finish the final few chapters of my next release.

  7. Yikes, I usually don't get HOME until after 9, so later-than-midnight nights are pretty common. Way to go re: all those awesome writing goals.

  8. I'm asleep by midnight. But that's because I get up at 5 am. I'm lucky if I make it to 10:30 pm!!!!

    I'm editing today, then it's back to my first draft. I had to put it aside while editing a book that due soon.

    Good luck with all of your editing, Misha!

  9. I'm usually in bed by midnight, but barely. Then I'm up at 5:15. Between work, home, family, church, and other things, I do not nearly get the free time I would like, and then I take a good chunk of what free time I have for music. So my writing proceeds slowly. Maybe someday I'll have more time to give it, but for now it's working ok -- I'm making forward progress. Not much... But at least some.

    Hang in there and I wish you tremendous luck with your goals!

  10. My NaNo novel is set aside; I'll dig in after the holidays. Meanwhile, I'm working on some short stories and other projects and making my 2014 Strategic Writing Plan. I can't believe there's only 3 weeks of 2013 remaining, yeesh!

    Good luck and happy editing!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  11. Editing can be endless! But it sounds like you have a plan and a goal and that means you'll get 'er done. :)

  12. Pick any month and I'm editing! That seems to be my way of life now. Here's to your plan.

  13. For me the work will be minimal for the rest of December. Back to serious editing in January.

  14. I'm just finished editing, so I'll be trying to finish writing book 2 in my new adult novella series. Good luck with your endeavors.

  15. Nope, I'm writing. Actually, brainstorming and planning and outlining and plotting and all that. Editing... later. Much later.

    Four or five novels out on query? Holy... wow. That's an amazing goal.

  16. Still no computer. But I'm hand editing.

  17. After NaNo, I had to take a break but will edit soon. :)

  18. Yeah, I agree.

    Being a writer is all about sitting down and 'getting stuff done.' Too bad that's the hardest part, huh?


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