Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A surprisingly short post where I want to learn more about you.

So... I've been thinking.

(No... stop shuddering. It's not that scary.)

I've been sharing a lot of information about myself. My fears, my secrets, my beliefs, my writing experiences, my hobbies (even a little bit about my country.)

But that's a bit of an issue for me.

Because there's a whole lot of me and not a lot about you.

So today I'm going to give you ten sentences to complete. You can say anything. I won't judge. I just want to know. :-)

Here goes:

1) Love is...
2) I hate it when...
3) I believe...
4) I hope...
5) I fear...
6) I write, because...
7) If I could have one wish...
8) I love...
9) Soon, I am going to...
10) I am very good at...

See? Not too difficult. If you think that your comment is going to be too long or if you're shy, you can mail it to me. But I think it will be an awesome way for all of us to get to know each other.

Come on then, lay it out there. As much or as little as you want.


  1. 1) Love is my husband going to work everyday so that I can stay home and take care of my kids. It's my children sharing stories and my daughter's syrupy kisses and the beautiful notes and pictures that my son gives me.

    2) I hate it when I make mistakes or say stupid things and make people feel badly. :(

    3) I believe that everyone has a purpose in this world.

    4) I hope that what I do, say, and write will make an impact on other peoples' lives in a positive way.

    5) I fear not doing a good enough job at a lot of things.

    6) I write because I love it. It's fun. I can't NOT. God gave me words and I want to use them. The characters push and prod and scream at me until I write them.

    7) If I could have one wish, it would be that some different things in my life and my family's lives come to fruition.

    8) I love God, my family, my friends, my life.

    9) Soon, I am going to read a LOT OF BOOKS. Because it has been too long since I just set aside time to read. No thinking about plots and writing and editing. Just reading.

    10) I am very good at baking. Or at least, I like baking and I can do I try? ;) I guess I don't feel like "I'm awesome at this"--I always try to approach anything as "I love doing this, but I'm always trying to improve." Writing, being a wife and mother--there's always room for me to grow.

    Thanks for giving us the chance on this blog to get to know you, too. :)

  2. 1) Love is supporting my hubby in his job, school, and being there for each other. Always.
    2) I hate it when people tap me on the shoulder to get my attention.
    3) I believe I can fly. he he
    4) I hope to be published someday.
    5) I fear rejection, but it's all part of the process.
    6) I write, because I love it and want to share my stories with the world.
    7) If I could have one wish I would take my family on a dream vacation for free!
    8) I love my husband, children, family, etc.
    9) Soon, I am going to finish a good book. Then I get to deep clean my kitchen. Fun times.
    10) I am very good at being myself on my blog, but being more shy in real life. :)

    Fun post! :D

  3. First off, what a great blog post idea!
    1) Love is selfless.
    2) I hate it when someone serves me a salad with cucumbers in it. *gag*
    3) I believe life is about the journey.
    4) I hope my kids turn out better than I did.
    5) I fear (or dread?) offending others.
    6) I write, because long long ago it became an outlet for a very troubled tween. As long as my characters were suffering greater than myself, the world always looked sunny.
    7) If I could have one wish I would see my musical on Broadway.
    8) I love cheese.
    9) Soon, I am going to forget myself and go to work for others.
    10) I am very good at loving people.

  4. 1) Love is...caring about something.
    2) I hate it when...people don't consider opinions besides their own.
    3) I believe...in helping others.
    4) I hope...things improve.
    5) I fear...things won't.
    6) I write, because...I love it.
    7) If I could have one wish...it would be the safety and security of the people around me.
    8) I love...my mom.
    9) Soon, I am going to...get back to writing.
    10) I am very good at...being quiet.

  5. Ooh, good idea, -this is fun!

    1.Love is beautiful!
    2.I hate it when I'm out of coffee!
    3.I believe that I will finish my WIP!
    4.I hope it will be a good story when finished.
    5.I fear....not much anymore.
    6.I write because I have to! I must.
    7.If I could have one wish, finish my editing.
    8.I love - my family and friends.
    9.Soon, I am going to finish editing...and start querying.
    10. I am very good at listening.

  6. 1) Love is an unknown quantity. Infinite.
    2) I hate it when people use the word hate to express trivial dislikes.
    3) I believe I will never know all the answers.
    4) I hope to be as thankful for every little thing as my mother was.
    5) I fear that governments will be the death of the human race.
    6) I write, because...why not?
    7) If I could have one wish...it would be peace on Earth good will towards mankind.
    8) I love my family, my life.
    9) Soon, I am going to get ready to go the water aerobics.
    10) I am very good at procrastinating.

    I liked these Misha!

  7. 1) Love is... unique to ever person.
    2) I hate it when... people think they are always right.
    3) I believe... society is constantly improving.
    4) I hope... society continues to improve.
    5) I fear... the irrational.
    6) I write, because... writing is part of who I am.
    7) If I could have one wish... then poverty wouldn't exist.
    8) I love... when humility wins over pride.
    9) Soon, I am going to... write.
    10) I am very good at... talking.

  8. 1) Love is produced by the chemical Oxytocin in your brain tissue and produces that twidderpated feeling. This is a scientific fact. Look it up you people that don't believe me.

    2) I hate it when people shove their religion on other people and refuse to rationalize their belief by scientific facts.

    3) I believe that when we die, our bodies just decompose. There is no soul, etc.

    4) I hope we wean ourselves of our dependence on fossil fuels.

    5) I fear ignorance.

    6) I write, because if I get published, then maybe I won't be invisible anymore. Mediocrity sucks.

    7) If I could have one wish, It'd be that the person I fell in love with a long time ago loved me back. Alas, you cannot ever make anyone fall in love with you.

    8) I love life (despite it's ugly-side).

    9) Soon, I am going to install Windows on a laptop computer system.

    10) I am very good at managing money. Not so good at making money but I'm great at managing what I have.

  9. Wow! I am such a sucker for filling out things such as this, so sure I'll take a swing at it:

    1) Love is unconditional and more about what you do than what you feel.
    2) I hate it when it snows all winter long.
    3) I believe in God.
    4) I hope summer will come this year; last summer was cold and wet.
    5) I fear a lot of things; I've always been a fearful person but I'm working on not being that way.
    6) I write, because it makes me happy. I tend to fall into depression if I do not write.
    7) If I could have one wish I would like to take a vacation someplace I've never been and not just to visit relatives.
    8) I love my husband and kids; they are my support group and I appreciate them so much!
    9) Soon, I am going to make my shopping list for my once a month grocery shopping trip.
    10) I am very good at writing, if what my readers tell me is true. It's nice to be good at something!

    Thanks for the questionnaire!

  10. 1) Love is something that I have no concept of or understanding of; However, I know how to love and I enjoy loving.
    2) I hate it when I eat too much.
    3) I believe that sunbeams sparkling in one's eyes makes the best jewelry.
    4) I hope to inspire people to thought.
    5) I fear rejection and "being in love."
    6) I write, because words spill out of me when my thoughts whirl dangerously around in my head.
    7) If I could have one wish, I would treasure every child that has been born into this world and they would be loved.
    8) I love walking through cemeteries and musing over the stories of the dead.
    9) Soon, I am going to write a 15 page research paper.
    10) I am very good at singing and creatively!

  11. 1) Love is a choice we all make.
    2) I hate it when people say my opinion is wrong.
    3) I believe that every person has something amazing about them.
    4) I hope to get published some day!
    5) I fear losing myself into the masses.
    6) I write because I love it and I need it.
    7) If I could have one wish, it would be that I could be a mother later in life.
    8) I love the world, nature, and learning.
    9) Soon, I am going to do my homework >_<
    10) I am very good at being open yet closed off.

  12. 1) Love is...knowing that if I'm having an emotional breakdown I can go to mum's and she will take care of me and make me a cup of tea
    2) I hate it when...people make racist/sexist comments
    3) I believe...that animals are clever
    4) I hope...to be happy!
    5) I fear...looking back on life and having serious regrets
    6) I write, because...I love it
    7) If I could have one wish...it would be to be publicly recognised for my talent
    8) I love...music
    9) Soon, I am going to...finish my latest edit of this damn novel!
    10) I am very good at...quite a few different creative things!

  13. What a fun idea! I can't wait to see your own answers :-)
    1) Love is a warm house full of family
    2) I hate it when people complain about the mundane
    3) I believe in love
    4) I hope to have a novel published!
    5) I fear that I'll be editing my latest novel for many many more months
    6) I write, because I have to, it just comes out
    7) If I could have one wish I'd travel a lot more often
    8) I love reading
    9) Soon, I am going to take a few days off work to focus on the last of my edits!
    10) I am very good at copy editing :-) Grammar, spelling, you name it - which is neat, to actually feel like I'm rather good at something.

  14. Oh! Feeling guilty that I haven't visited here in a while! I don't know a lot of the stuff you've been sharing! But I promise I will visit more often because I love this sort of thing!

    1) Love is... unconditional.
    2) I hate it when... I say something I realize I shouldn't it and you can never really take it back.
    3) I believe... in God and Jesus and the Bible but I respect folks who believe differently
    4) I hope... that my kids have as a good a life as i've had so far
    5) I fear... that they won't
    6) I write, because... I can't not write.
    7) If I could have one wish... cancer cured
    8) I love... books, horses, maps, mythical creatures
    9) Soon, I am going to... finish writing my book!
    10) I am very good at... wasting time!

  15. Love is unconditional.
    I hate it when I get a rejection for a short story.

  16. 1) Love is wanting someone else to be happy more than you want to be happy yourself.
    2) I hate it when it rains and I've just washed my hair. I live in Ireland, this happens a lot.
    3) I believe that things can always get better.
    4) I hope to be published, to find love, to be happy.
    5) I fear death, heart palpitations and hedgehogs.
    6) I write, because I love it.
    7) If I could have one wish, it would be for a very lucrative book deal and the talent to back it up!
    8) I love writing, reading, tea, chocolate, nice meals out, good friends and laughing til my stomach hurts.
    9) Soon, I am going to make more tea!
    10) I am very good at worrying :)

    Great post :) Loved reading the answers!

  17. 1) Love is support and faith in one another.
    2) I hate it when drivers fail to use their turn signal.
    3) I believe in karma.
    4) I hope our country's current state will improve.
    5) I fear spiders.
    6) I write, because it quiets my mind.
    7) If I could have one wish, I'd wish for a chauffeur.
    8) I love eating, reading, hiking and turtles.
    9) Soon, I am going to visit my college friend and her new baby in Maryland.
    10) I am very good at talking.

    Thanks for the post. Great idea to get to know your followers! I might just steal this myself.

  18. Hi all! Because I just wanted to know more about you, I'm not going to comment to your comments, because it isn't my place to judge you for your beliefs.

    So instead, I'm posting my answers:

    1) Love is being willing to sacrifice yourself for someone else.
    2) I hate hypocrites, arrogance and people who think that "NONONONONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!" is a winning argument.
    3) I believe in God and His love and mercy. I also believe that ghosts, angels and demons exist. (Seen/experienced them)I also believe in respecting other people's opinions as long as they respect mine. If they don't I lose respect for the person as well.
    4) I hope that one day I will find my place in the world.
    5) I fear the fact that people are more willing to follow without thought than to stand out in a crowd.
    6) I write because it makes me happy and brings me catharsis.
    7) If I could have one wish, it would be that people will stop judging each other and measuring themselves by other people's standards. If that one's too tricky, I wish people would learn the difference between God-sanctioned and human-sanctioned. Also, that people that say they do evil things in the name of God would grow a second head and get pink spots. Would make things a lot easier.
    8) I love: God, family, friends, my characters and chocolate.
    9) Soon, I'm going to crawl into bed with a nice book. (As in, as soon as I'm done here.)
    10) I am very good at doing stuff in public, like speeches, acting and singing. Also, writing essays, dialogue and characters. (I hope.) I'm also pretty darn good at being honest. As in, if you don't want to know the truth, don't ask me if those jeans make you look fat.

    So yeah. That's a bit of me.

    And I like and/or respect every single answer I got back. Every single one of you is awesome in your own right.


  19. 1) Love is... an attitude more than a feeling.
    2) I hate it when... HWMNBMOTI is crabby.
    3) I believe... (I don't think this needs more. I like it as it is. Though don't take it religiously--more as a personal affirmation)
    4) I hope... I make it big enough to support myself.
    5) I fear... financial devastation (we live too close to it)
    6) I write, because... it is what makes me feel like ME.
    7) If I could have one wish... it would be a break big enough to support myself and family just through writing.
    8) I love... the Blogosphere.
    9) Soon, I am going to... get back to work.
    10) I am very good at... playing. I play better than most.

  20. 1) Love is closing your eyes and enjoying a hug from someone you know.
    2) I hate it when I can smell the feet of the person sitting next to me.
    3) I believe glitter can always make me laugh no matter how awful my day is.
    4) I hope some day I'll figure out how to manage being an adult, for now I'm only doing it part time.
    5) I fear graduating. The job market is really scary.
    6) I write, because otherwise the characters in my head fade and I forget how awesome they are.
    7) If I could have one wish it would be to have some consistency with my plans for one year. It keeps changing every two weeks which is a little unsettling.
    8) I love watching my skirt twirl in the wind and how the shadow ripples in front of me.
    9) Soon, I am going to have my first vacation in two years and I have no idea how I'll handle it.
    10) I am very good at explaining theories to beginners. Best computer science tutor ever!

  21. Misha--thanks for answering the questions, too! I've recently joined the blogging world and it's so nice to find out about other writers.

    May I ask, is your book inspirational fantasy? (The series my co-author and I are writing is inspirational fantasy, written from a Christian perspective, so I'm curious.)

  22. 1) Love is a mini-splintered thing.
    2) I hate it when my captives try to escape after I've explicitly told them not to.
    3) I believe you dropped this.
    4) I hope death passes me by, because then I could smile and wave at him. You know, one of those little royal waves the Queen always does.
    5) I fear fear itself. Thanks a lot, FDR.
    6) I write, because the teacher won't let me leave until I've filled up both blackboards.
    7) If I could have one wish, I'd be all like, "Who the hell stole my first two wishes, Mr. Genie?"
    8) I love Lucy. But don't tell Desi. Because he's dead. Actually, so is Lucy. So... let's pretend I didn't say anything.
    9) Soon, I am going to rule the world with a plastic fist. (The iron one was too expensive.)
    10) I am very good at not taking these things at all seriously.

  23. A fabulous idea.

    I am feeling a little shy this morning so maybe I'll save your questions and answer them another time.

  24. Very intereresting reading. thx



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