Monday, March 21, 2011

Awards (Part 2): A tour of the Dark Side

Hi all! Today, I'm finally getting around to handing out awards.
So... I have this award:

And this award x2:

So... now I have to state twenty-one things about me, which can be difficult since I tend to throw in some personal stuff at least once or twice a week. But let's see what I can come up with. I decided to go with the darker, weirder, quirkier parts of who I am, because I ran out of light and fluffy yesterday.

1) I can't seem to think straight if there isn't some sort of sound to listen to.
2) Because of this, second worst torture would be to lock me into solitary confinement and keeping everything quiet.
3) Worst torture to my mind would be Chinese Water Torture.
4) Worst way to die: drowning.
5) Because I nearly drowned twice in one day.
6) When I was young, I was so afraid of heights that I couldn't stand on a chair.
7) I have to take deep breaths and look away when I am injected or if my blood is drawn.
8) I actually have a deep disgust with people who ask me: "So tell me about yourself." I cannot be summarized.
9) I don't put books down that I started to read. Ever.
10) I warn people not to mess me around.
11) Three times.
12) The fourth time they're that stupid... Let's just say Darth Vader has nothing on me when it comes to efficiently destroying planets.
13) I would rather learn a new martial art before I take ballet or any conventionally girly sports.
14) But I do enjoy ballroom.
15) I like people as a rule. I just don't like idiots and arrogant fools.
16) I am one of those people that think of something cutting at the snap of a finger when in arguments.
17) I have a deep abiding hatred of hypocrites. Especially those connected to churches and religions.
18) I HATE peas and beans.
19) I live according to a very well defined set of rules that I created for myself when interacting with other people. There are certain lines I don't cross, because I know that I can end up in some very dark places if I took the first step over.
20) I like my humor like I like my chocolate: dark and bitter.
21) I'm neither a glass-half-empty nor a glass-half-full kind of person. I'm a glass-is-twice-as-large-as-was-necessary kind of person.

So yeah. That was a quick tour of my dark side. I will get around to the awards tomorrow. What about you? Have you as a writer explored your own personality? Have you ever let someone else see those parts that you explore? Do you think I'm insane to share these things?


  1. Oh, I definitely have a dark side. It comes out in my humour sometimes, one day it'll come out in a book. ;-)

    Congrats on your awards Misha! Well deserved.

  2. Wow, I love these bits of you that you share. Thank you

  3. Funny about the heights. When I was a small child I once climbed the wall of a church and then got stock at the top. Now I am afraid of heights.

    Congrats on the awards.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  4. Congrats on the awards! I'm not sure that ballroom is a girly or a guy sport. But I agree that it's terribly fun.

  5. I was a tree climbing lizard, a rock climbing goat when a kid. Not so any more. Nice awards.

  6. Your dark side is like a good sunset: layered, colorful, intense if you look at it at a different angle. We're all weird. It's cool.

  7. Congrats on your awards! Very awesome!

  8. You've really opened yourself, but that makes for being a terrific human being. We all have a dark side, but it's a fraction of the whole spectrum.

    Congratulations on the awards!

  9. My hubby is the only one who knows my dark side. It's just better that way. LOL.

    I totally commiserate with you on drowning. Yikes!

  10. Congrats on the awards. I can empathise with the drowning thing, too. :O)

  11. Major Congrats, Misha. These awards are well deserved. I have a dark side too. :)

  12. Congratulations on the awards!

    I think a lot of my dark side comes out in what I write--so whoever reads my work gets some of it.

  13. I have a temper like yours.

    No, you're not insane to explore these things and poke at them. I'm curious about the story of how you almost drowned 2x in one day.

  14. Congratulations. And you are far from being insane. Insane is like my mother who (because of dementia and alzheimers) talks to people in the basement (there are no people in the basement), and when I call she is surprised and shocked that I've somehow escaped a prison in North Korea (I've never been to North Korea). But yeah...insanity can be unpredictable. You are quite sane and I love the things that you've shared with me here on this blog hehe :)

  15. I really liked the parts of you that were shared. You sound like a strong confident woman to be reckoned with. But with fears nonetheless.Like all of us. It makes me want to read some of these older posts here on your blog. So long!

  16. It's good to know you a little better :)
    And I LOVE dark chocolate too :)

  17. Hey, you're dark side isn't too dark! And I'm with you on number 8---even if it's bad, I don't put a book down.

  18. Congrats, Misha. You deserve the award. It was nice getting to know you better. I hate hypocrites too and love chocolate.

  19. Congrats.

    And you're no more insane than me. I got a tongue lashing for writing a possible rape scene with humor...Just trying to make a heavey situation light, you know?

  20. Of course Engineers want to know who designed the glass too big.
    Sorry, an engineer friend of mine told me that one.

  21. I get "dark humor" but humor that's bitter? :-)

    Congrats on your award.

  22. You nearly drowned twice in one day???? What the heck??? I want to know more about that.

    Yeah, drowning is not the way I want to go. I also don't want to be burned alive, or shot, or knifed, or ran over, over have something crush me, or freeze to death, or be eaten by anything, or fall off something high, or get a life threatening disease, or anything like that.

    I think I will go with being tickled to death. That would be fine :)

    Seriously, email me and tell me about the drowning thing. Crap. That's weird. Stay out of the water, my friend.


  23. Talei, my dark side definitely comes out both in my writing and my humor. :-)

    Thanks Michael. :-D

    I'm glad, Joe.

    Apparently, the same happened with me, Nancy. Except I got stuck on a slide. :-)

    Schmidty, I think it depends on the dance. But I must say, there are few things as hot as a guy that dances well. ^_^ So I guess that makes it a girly sport.

    Bish, I was always the: "If you get stuck up there I'll laugh" sort. ;-P

    Nice way of looking at it, Marjorie. :-)

    Thanks Colene! :-)

    I agree with you there, David. Nothing about us as a person is healthy if you insist on looking at only one segment of who you are. Even if you're naturally perky. Of course, I think it's the perky people that mow down malls with machine guns. Could be wrong though. ;-P

    Lol Maria. I hope he didn't find out by experiencing it first hand. ;-P

    Thanks Madeleine. :-)

    Thanks Ciara!

    Golden, I know what you mean. My dark side gets a lot of exercise through my characters. :-)

    M, I'm glad to hear about the temper. :-)

    Shame Michael. My Grandfather also started showing signs of Alzheimers before he died. It must be hard.

    Thanks Jeanne. I think you pretty much summed me up. *works on being more twisted.* Thanks for stopping by! :-)

    Lynda, it's awesome. Two blocks and my chocolate craving is fixed. :-)

    Haha Samantha, I'm glad you think so. I was aiming for not looking Psycho. ;-)

    Thanks Rachna! :-)

    Haha Shelly, you're brave. Bonkers, but brave. ;-)

    Haha Al, I got my line from an Engineer too. For some reason, 90% of my friends are Engineers. Can't decide if that says something about me or about the engineering group at large... ;-)

    Stephanie, bitter because I can laugh at things that make other people want to cry. (I'm also a not so veiled cynic.)

    Hahaha Angela. Or what about death by laughing gas? That way we don't go through the tickling. (Check your e-mail.)


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