Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And then it was gone...

Hi all! Remember to enter the Treasures of Carmelidrium competition. I draw the winner tomorrow.

So... Yesterday, I made a resolution to have a wonderful day today and get hundreds of words down. I even woke up an hour early. But as all resolutions go, mine went down the drain when the clock struck twelve last night. And kept going all through the day.

I even took it out on the post I was busy writing, but luckily realizes that I was just going to get on every poor reader's nerves. So... I decided to test them with poetry, instead. ;-)

It started with a spark,
You see
Minutes ticking by
As flames are licking my legs

It continued with a seed
One seed
That slowly unfurls
With every unthinking word.

Thoughts swirl with every drop
Drip Drip
The day hues
To an ever darkened black.

But then I come to a point
ever slow
where I'm tired
And I can't stand the clamor

Nothing I touch works
Not one
and I sigh
because time is ticking past.

It sparks a life
To become
That black persona that we avoid.

Then I give in.
I'm done.
I withdraw
With a book and Dvorak.

It took one second
One breath
To calm down
And then it was gone.


  1. Nice poem, and I completely understand where you're coming from. It's hard to feel momentum when you get stuck. Thanks for following along over at my blog!

  2. Time maybe to do some writing prompts to get the juices flowing. I have lots on my blog, ways to open the doors and windows and let the sunshine in.

  3. I tried to wake up early to go to the gym but failed and barely made it to work on time as is.

  4. I followed your link on Twitter and it brought me here!! I think I sort of know how to do Twitter. I just posted about it on my blog, then found you, and now I'm off to fix a late lunch for me and my daughter!

    Keep writing. We all get stuck, all the time!!

    Ann Best, Long Journey Home

  5. Loved it :) And yeah, so familiar! But tomorrow is a new day!

  6. That was a great poem~ I really liked it. Everyone has their down days. Hopefully today will be a better day!

  7. When I'm stuck, I find it helps to re-read the chapters I've written as that can sometimes help me go: 'Oh, that's where I'm going!' I also edit the chapter prior to the one I'm up to - a tactic that doesn't work for everyone but works for me.

  8. That was a fantastic poem, great job! Hang in there, I hope your day goes better tomorrow.

  9. I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated! I hope it passes soon.

  10. Love the poem! You taking over my job? LOL....

  11. Personally, I'm convinced that time has recently slipped into overdrive. I'm pretty sure there are still 24 hours in every day, I'm just not sure where the hell they're going.

    I'm trying to juggle writing a new WIP and editing a previous MS, and on days when neither get done I feel a wee bit homicidal. So, I can commiserate -- though I suck at poetry.

  12. Thanks for stopping by Mary. :-)

    Bish, that's a great idea. Thanks :-D

    Michael, you have my sympathy. I hate it when time ruins our best-laid plans.

    Thanks Ann. :-)

    Thanks Marieke! I hope so! :-)

    Thanks Devin! I hope today is better. :-)

    Shannon, I might try it. But I'm scared of giving my inner censor more power.

    Thanks Ciara!

    I hope so too, Kelly. Thanks for stopping by.

    LOL Joe I would never be that presumptuous. ;-) Glad you liked the poem.

    Tracy, I believe you're right. Good luck with the juggling!


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