Saturday, October 16, 2010

Today was one of those days.

Hey all. Just a reminder that I still need some questions and blog topics for next week's celebrations!

Sorry that I posted so late, but today, a day that I wanted to write four thousand words, I wrote nothing except for my CV and application forms.

So many things fell in the way, but at least I did a lot of other things I wanted to do. For example I got to do some decent exercise. I got my fully updated and well-written (if I say so myself) CV done. I also filled out applications at Etihat and Emirates Airways for in case Qatar Airways don't work out.

At least I did manage to finish my character interviews. The scary thing is that something came up in the interviews that is going to complicate things. A lot.

At least it is going to make for some interesting writing. Now I just have to get round to writing. Which is why this is quite a short post. I reeeally want to get to write tonight.

So I bid you good night.

Maybe tomorrow I'll let you know how my writing went.


  1. Bleh. CV-writing is a pain. Good for you, getting it out of the way!

  2. CV and applications are terrible to write. It's always good to get them out of the way and done with. :) Good luck with your writing!

  3. Thank you both for commenting! :-)

    I must say that I'm quite relieved to have it out of the way.

  4. Good luck with writing! :)


    When did you really start to write and consider yourself a writer?

    What do you enjoy most about fencing?

    What do you think is a defining characteristic about yourself?

    Do you enjoy meeting new people?

  5. I have never written a CV -- I think they're supposed to be a bit more detailed and difficult than a resume, right? Anyway, I imagine they're horrible regardless. Still, it's great that you got it done.

    I think it's really interesting that something came up during your interview that will complicate your writing (but also make it interesting). I love it when those things happen.

  6. Yay for writing!!!! Good Luck! Are we just asking fun questions?? If so let me know and I'll come up with a few!

  7. I hear ya! There's always so many other things to do! But good luck with writing!

  8. Good luck with the CVs and interviews! Hope you got lots of writing done.

  9. Good luck...and I hope you also got heaps of writing done :)

  10. Best wishes with the CV thing. Tomorrow you'll wake up to a new day and a new week. Good luck with the writing.

    Stephen Tremp

  11. Thanks for the questions, Golden. I'll definitely answer them as the week goes on.

    Jen fun any questions are welcome! Fun ones especially. :-)

    Quinn, I tend to think of a resume as a summary, and a CV as the whole nine yards of your life and achievements. Bleh, it's funny. I'm great at blogging about my life, but I find listing all the stuff I can do and have done quite embarassing. :-)

    Thanks Alexandra, L.T, Lynda and Stephen for your good wishes. :-)


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