Thursday, October 7, 2010

I have returned (mostly) alive.

Good evening all. It's now 22:30 CAT and I'm back. I would have been back sooner, but everyone I knew stopped me on the way to my car. (That's what I love about my university. Most of the people are so friendly.) And then I got a craving for decadence, so I went in search of good decaf coffee and then (with some effort) cream.

Why not? I wrote a test. I've been very good on my diet. And my diet allows decaf cappuccino's with cream in limited amounts. Hmmm... Just quickly making it.

Aaahhh now I feel human.

I just want to thank to all of you that left me your good wishes. It was wonderful reading them. (Yes. I read them every time I felt demoralized during my studies.)

Then I just want to let you know that tomorrow's post will only come along more or less this time too, since I have yet another test to write tomorrow night.

So I'm sort of stuck with a dilemma. I know what I'm going to do this weekend. I might go see a movie. Or I might take out a DVD. But I will definitely let my muse blow off some steam.

Thing is, she's tapping her foot right now. I'm not really that tired, but I can't help wondering whether I'll hate myself in the morning if I indulge her. She has this way of taking over all of my thoughts. One of those "give them an inch" kind of muses. I'm worried that if I start writing now, I won't be able to concentrate tomorrow.

Usually I can do both, but tomorrow is going to be intense. I can't juggle my thoughts.

So almost every part of me is screaming to let it go and sleep. Almost.

Another part is begging me to do something creative.

I wonder... 

I have exactly an hour before I absolutely HAVE to be asleep. What to do... what to do...

What do you all do when you suddenly have an hour free? What if your muse is begging you to write, but you know that it's a bad idea?


  1. I usually just jot down the important parts that need to be remembered then veg before bed. It's always better to chill just before be for a while and let your mind relax or getting to sleep is always harder (for me anyway) you can always come back to those ideas when you have the time and the energy. Take care of you First, writing second. :)

  2. Colene that's great advice! I am definitely going to put it into practice.

    Thanks for commenting :-)

  3. Hope your next test goes well too.
    Yep, I like Colene's advice as well. It's not always easy to stop everything to answer the Muse's call so writing up some quick notes helps.

  4. I back Colene's advice. You need a college notebook dedicated to your wip :)

  5. I usually write anyway... even if its just a short scene..

  6. Thanks Lynda I hope so too. I'm definitely going to try that tonight, because I suspect I'll be bone tired.

    Lettuce that is a very good point, but I'm already dragging three books with me. My current writing book, my writing book (for in case I'm uncertain about plot points) and a random notes book so that I don't contaminate my WiP books with random writings. I might write some notes in my random book... Hmmm.

    Melissa, I tend to find that it's never just the one scene. It was very likely that I would have gone to bed at three in the morning, because one scene turned into two chapters.

    Thanks all for commenting :-)


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