Friday, October 8, 2010

So? I changed my mind.

Ladies and gents, I have twenty minutes to write this down before getting back to my books, so sorry if I'm a bit hurried. (I will try to get to the posts I missed by Sunday, as well as finally giving away the award...)

Perhaps I will post something better later tonight, but I won't guarantee it. Investment Management 344 is like a Dementor. It sucks out my soul when I write it. (Ha! Bet you thought I'd never throw in a Harry Potter reference. I used to be quite the fangirl. And the simile was just too good to pass up.)

So... If I am absent, please don't be too worried, I'll just be busy picking myself off the floor with a spatula.

Anyway. When we hit fifty followers, I said that the next stop was 100. I never imagined that that would happen only a few weeks later. We're currently at 91 and so need only nine more. I wonder how quickly they will come.

But I've been thinking, we should be doing something to celebrate. Something different from my everyday ramblings. I unfortunately can't really do prizes, since one, I'm a student and have no money and two, I'm pretty much in a country where I will have to ship whatever it is off to a foreign country.

So... what to do? Well... I'm thinking that as soon as we hit 100 followers, I open the floor to you. You can ask me anything and I'll try to answer as honestly as possible. And, perhaps, I can hold a draw where the winner gets to give me a topic to write about in the blog.

Does that seem like a plan? If not, let me know. If you have a better plan, I really want to hear it. Any comments and/suggestions are welcome.


  1. How about a huge party? You could come and pick us all up, but we’d help by bringing our own bottle(s)? ;)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

  2. Lol blogger sounds like a plan too... bring snacks too. I'll have a billionaires pound cake made. ;-)

  3. Make sure to use a spatula without slots or the goopy bits will ooze straight back to the floor.

  4. Sounds like a great plan! Have a wonderful weekend, Misha! :-)

  5. I think that sounds like a great idea!

  6. Cool, I'll put my thinking cap on.


  7. Great! Thanks for dropping by Clarissa :-)

  8. You could write a story or a poem using the 100th follower's name as the main character. :) It appears you are only 8 away now....

  9. Good idea!Maybe we can have an online party!

  10. Thanks Jolene :-)

    Sharon that's a great idea. I just hope it isn't a scary random name.

    Misha that sounds like a great idea.

    Thanks Kathi. :-)

    Thanks all for dropping by and commenting. :-)

  11. Congrats on (nearly) 100 followers :) Love the winner as main character idea... :)

  12. Thanks Rachael! I'm thinking of doing like a week of celebrations... With the Winner MC idea as part of it. But all depends on when I get to the big 100.

    I'm hoping that happens this weekend...

  13. Congrats on nearly 100 followers. Excited about the celebrations, too :O)

  14. Thanks Madeleine. Hope I get to 100 soon...


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