Thursday, October 14, 2010

We made it!

Morning all!

I got a bit of a beating from my economics yesterday (which is why I was absent) and am not quite up to capacity at the moment, so today will be admin related. Sorry for this, I promise that I'll be back on previous form by tomorrow...

I nearly screamed when I opened my account today.

We made it!

Thank every single one of you so much for following and bringing this blog to life. Every single one of you is beyond awesome!

So... As of next week we will be celebrating. But how the week will work depends all on the response from you guys.

I am going to need as many questions as you guys want to ask. They can be easy or hard. My challenge will be to answer them as honestly as possible. But (and I know that people of such great taste needn't even read this request) please keep it clean. 

Then, I need Ms. L.T. Elliot to please let me know if it's OK for me to use her name in a composition - since she is my lucky 100th follower. Incidentally, for those of you that don't know, her blog, Dreams of Quill and Ink is stunning, so please head over there and check it out.

Finally, I would like some post topics please. Yes, you the follower get to tell me what I have to write about. I would just love to see what comes out of this exercise, so please please hit me with them.

I can't wait to see what happens next week.

Then... By some interesting twist of fate, I won this award at just the right time...

Thanks so much Quinn!

The rules of the awards are as follows:

Thank the person that gave me the award. (Done :-P)

List ten things that I love... Oooh let me see. In no particular order.

1) Chocolate
2) Chocolate mousse
3) Chocolate cake
4) Chocolate flavored milk.
5) Chocolate cookies. Any type will do.
6) Hot chocolate.
7) Hot chocolate that cooled down.
8) Chocolate flavored ice-cream.
9) Fererro Rocher and Lindt chocolates - which are in a league all of their own.
10) Melted chocolate.


And finally, I have to pass the award on to up to six people. At this point, I will have to leave you in suspense, for the same reason as all the other awards (my PC chooses to freeze solid). I will have the list up on the My Awards Page later today, though. So keep an eye out. :-)

Lastly, I just want to draw your attention to the News Page above. I promise there won't be too much creepy and depressing stuff (a la Albino hunting and poaching) on there. It's just a short list of things that happened or are happening that I struggle to fit into the blog posts, or that come to my attention after I've posted. So I'll be plugging blog fests, events and other blogs there. I'll drop in the random personal news item in, but I'm trying not to make it too much about me. It's basically intended to be a quick info list that links to other pages.

You are welcome to submit items for the News. Just send the news (preferably a short summery) and links to mishagericke(at)gmail(dot)com, with News in the tag line.

That's all folks. Be back tomorrow. :-)


  1. Congratulations on reaching 101, Misha! I am sending you some virtual chocolate, but, if you don’t receive it, blame it onto your computer freezing ;-)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. Hey blogger thanks! Hmm... it isn't coming through. Maybe my PC will eventually spit out frozen chocolate. ;-P

  3. Question, eh?

    1) Best and worst thing about living in SA?

    2) Is there anything distinctly South African about what you write? If so, what?

  4. Congrats on 100 followers! That's very exciting. :)

  5. Yeay for 100! (heading over the Dreams of Quill.. now!)

    I work for a S.African family and they are always telling me about how bad traffic is there, is driving always such a pain?

    Is it scary? (it sounds scary there)

  6. Thanks so much for the congratulations and questions.

    I now have something to ponder this weekend. :-)

  7. Misha -- thanks a bunch for visiting and following my blog. You'll find I often insert a post that mentions chocolate, so we indeed have something in common.

    As for things to post about, it looks like you've been doing just fine. I like blogs that mix it up...a guest one day, a personal post another day, maybe an informative post, a few photos here and there. That's how we get to know our blogger friends a lot better.

  8. Congratulations! And I'm all cool with a composition with my name. (Daunted, but cool.) Very happy for you!

    p.s. Thanks for the nice words! You're too kind.

  9. I see a theme on your things that you love. I'm a big fan of Lindt truffles.

    Congratulations on reaching 102 followers!

  10. Congratulations on 100 (now +) Followers! :D

  11. Congrats on reaching a follower milestone!

    Also, thank you so much for gifting me with One Lovely Blogger. I'm sorry I didn't realize sooner!

  12. Patricia it's easy to love chocolate. In fact its way too easy. Sigh... if only I didn't get lumps and bumps if I ate more of it... ;-)

    Pleasure L.T. Now I just need a hint as to what L.T. stands for. ;-)

    Thanks Theresa. Lindt truffles are divine. (^_^)

    Thanks Golden. :-D

    Thanks Kelly. It's partly my fault. I should have let everyone that won know, but I've just been running around too much to get to it. :-)


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