Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday update

Morning all! I just want to ask that you all check out my awards page later this week. I have fifteen people that need to get their awards but my computer keeps freezing every time I try to pick them. Sigh... 

So yesterday left me feeling both excited and drained and unfortunately my energy levels are yet to return to previous levels. This means that I'm falling back to an update for Sunday.

Diet-wise, the wheels have well and truly come off this week, so I decided not to weigh myself until next week. Otherwise I know I'm going to become demoralized and beat myself up about it. I just never want food to rule my life, so if I want to cheat, I cheat, but then I will go to extremes to prevent the regret that follows it.

Writing-wise I'm quite inactive due to my study schedule, but I am taking a few breaks here and there to chat with Gawain.

In other news, my mom flew to Italy yesterday (which is making me jealous) and is due to land in Milan sometime soon. I hope she remembers to let me know when she arrived.

I also saw that guy again. Sigh. Someone Up There has a very perverse sense of humor.

Anyway, sorry for this bland and boring post, but right now I'm just pulling in as much energy as I can get...

What's news at your end?


  1. Well, congrats on all your awards. Hope to see them some day but it's not a rush.

    What's on my plate?

    I NEED to be on a diet. Badly. I'm so busy with stress and other un-healthy mental conditions that I'm finding it difficult to go for a walk. But, it's my goal this week.


  2. I'm looking down the barrel of a diet too. I sympathize. I think many of us writers face the battle of the bulge...hugs!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  3. Hey Clarissa I know what you mean. I really need to get exercising as well, but I'm just so busy at the moment that I don't know where to squeeze it in. Good luck with the goal!

    Hey Angela I blame our battles of the bulge on the butt in chair principle :-P I try not to think of it as a punishment though. It's just something I have to get over with as soon as possible, since I want to be more than a few pounds lighter before the end of October... Still, this week I just couldn't stick to it. But this week I'm going to drink lots of water and get through it...

    Good luck with your diet! Let me know how it goes. Maybe we could even be each others' motivation buddies ;-)

  4. Hello there Misha. Hope things are looking up and your diet is on track again. A writer's life can be unhealthy, as we tend to crave quick fixes to keep our energy up. I run to counteract my humungous love of good 'bad' food..:)

  5. Hey there! I also loved running at one stage, but stopped. Now I've been struggling for months to get going again. But I'm going to have to start again if I want to lose 20kg in a month...

    Thanks for the follow :-)

  6. I fell off my diet this weekend, too. I weighed in 8 lbs heavier on Sunday than I did Friday morning...

    Too much football, beer, Mexican food, and this dessert my mom made and left at my place.

    Two steps forward and one step back. Just gotta keep going like that.

    - Eric

  7. I totally agree with you Eric. I just think that spending my life worrying about the effect of mexican food and football on our weights is no way to live a life.

    Sure, I want to be skinny in time for summer, but not at the cost of enjoying my life...


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