Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Word Master Challenge: Berliner Dom

Yes, ladies and gents, I decided to write an entry for my own challenge. Naturally I can't win, but I picked the theme after discovering the amazing Berliner Dom. Writing a description has been bothering me ever since, so here it is.

The first photo I took on entering the cathedral.

The moment I walk into the Berliner Dom, I fall in love. A magnificent painted glass triptych greets me, sharing images from the life of Jesus Christ. They glow in marble and wood, brightening what should have been a dark church on a cloudy day.

I lose myself in my majestic surroundings, and then something magical happens. A tenor starts to sing, practicing for his role in the St. John’s Passion. Soon, the floating, pure notes of a soprano joins him.

Music fills the cavernous cathedral, the sound multiplied perfectly by the acoustics, bouncing off strict statues of Calvin, Luther and other founders of the protestant church.

I get goose bumps as I try to take everything in.

The fine gold filigree, edging murals of gentle-faced evangelists. The soft, warm light spilling from burning candles next to the beautiful golden altar. The dancers practicing for the Passion.

I sit down for a moment to watch the practice, but my attention is drawn away within seconds. The organ looms silent above the graves of kings and queens. More candles burn in their memories. A little to the side stands a pulpit. Its wood is the same dark color as the organ’s frame, but instead of being somber  it only adds depth to the splendor around it. A big golden cross crowns the pulpit’s canopy.

Every inch of the cathedral has something to see.

A sense of absolute devotion permeates everything. That the very best had been given and done to God’s glory. Maybe that’s what gives the space such a presence.

Or maybe it’s the feeling that the church is secretly sentient. It’s as if the church breathes on its own, living to speak to those fortunate enough to enter it.

When I leave, it invites me to come back.

There you have it, ladies and gents. What do you think? 

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  1. Beautiful place, and a wonderful description of what it feels like to be in the presence of such majestic beauty.
    I would love the join the word challenge, but I am swamped this month. Maybe next month . . .

  2. It's so prettttty <3

    I love churches, the architecture of them is just so beautiful. (not modern churches so much)

    And yes. I think buildings ARE sentient to some degree ~

  3. Amazing pictures! I visited a variety of churches in Italy a few years ago and they all looked similar to your description! really brought back the memories!
    Also I'm still working on my description. Sorry it's taking so long! :(

  4. Beautiful. I can almost imagine that experience from your description. I have never been there but have been in places which evoke the same, awe-filled moments inside me. Feeling truly outside one's self and feeling like you are involved in a greater moment is rare and reminds me, at least, that there is more to life than what I see in front of me.

  5. Beauuutiful!!! LOVE your description:-)

  6. Wish I could go visit it now. :)

  7. Oh, lovely entry Misha (and picture). I do love an old church, St Pauls is stunning. For me, with or without faith, it inspired a certain sense of universal space, making me feel inferior to the universe and yet connected to it at the same time - like one very important cog in an infinite mechanism. I could understand completely why churches of such beauty inspire and nurture faith. x

  8. Gorgeous description and photos. I visited the cathedral about ten years ago during a quick trip to Germany and it's truly amazing—a work of art—and you captured its essence beautifully!

  9. You created a great atmosphere Misha. I felt as if I was standing in the church. Well done.

    Sorry, I didn't get around to posting this month. I forgot. I hope you're planning one for March - I haven't found the description yet.



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