Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paying Forward Awards: February Categories

Hey again, lovely people! Welcome to February's Paying Forward Awards. Before we start, I just want to say thanks to every single one of this month's amazing sponsors. Within a few days, they generously gave me so many prizes to distribute that February is almost TWICE as big as January.

Without further ado, here are the prizes and the sponsors who donated them.

A $25 Amazon/B&N voucher

Melissa Maygrove
A $15 Amazon/B&N voucher

Michelle Wallace
$10 Amazon/B&N voucher

L. Diane Wolfe
An E-Arc of her upcoming release The Other Marlowe Girl

Julie Flanders
An e-copy of her book Polar Night

An e-copy of her novel The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear

A choice between his two e-books: CassaStar or CassaFire

30 page beta read or an e-copy of her anthology A to Z Stories of Life and Death

Rena Rockford
Critique of first 30 pages

Kittie Howard
A three chapter line-by-line beta read.

Tara Tyler
A banner or badge

Mel Chesley
First chapter critique

Al Diaz
First chapter critique

An absolute treasure trove of prizes. Fourteen in total, which means I'm once again giving prizes to first and second place in each category.

And the categories are:

Best Commenter

Giver of Best Writing Advice

Most Supportive/Helpful Blogger

Sweetest Blogger

Unpublished Blogger with Awesome Writing Style

Published Blogger with Awesome Writing Style

Most Useful Blog

Nominations work like this:

You can nominate as many bloggers as you'd like, for as many categories as you'd like. I'd love if you included a short motivation for each nominee. Please don't nominate in the comments. I like to keep this process anonymous, so only nominations to my e-mail address will be taken into account.

My e-mail address is mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Please make the topic "Nomination". I'll be accepting nominations until midnight (GMT), February 21.

Voting will open on February 22.

So people! Any nominees in mind? Don't forget to check out today's News Day post for other interesting tidbits.


  1. Wow, lots of prizes!
    Will work on some nominations.

  2. Big list, dragon will do his homework :D

  3. Wow Misha, what a lot of prizes. Excellent. I would definitely nominate Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar, for best commenter. Her comments are eagerly anticipated, highly cherished and yes, award winning, collectable comments. I would say that, wouldn't I? LOL

    All the best with this Misha and happy writing.

    Penny's human,

    Gary :)

  4. Sounds like a great list of prizes for the winners. :)

  5. What a great concept for awards and categories. Those are mighty fine prizes.

  6. Wow! Nice prizes.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  7. I'll definitely email you Misha after I think of some worthy bloggers! So many to choose from! The list goes on and on...

  8. Great categories, I'll have to have a think about this!

  9. I know someone who would be a perfect for supportive blogger. I'll send my entry in. This is great, Misha.

  10. Oh! So this is a monthly thing? If so, count me in for giving a prize next month! :)

  11. Good luck to everyone. I can think of many deserving and supportive bloggers!

  12. Have to work on some nominations..cool idea!

  13. What a great reward system here. Would love to join in on the voting.

  14. Thanks for supporting this, ladies and gents! :-)


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