Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm getting there.

Despite all my efforts, all my pep talks and all attempts, I have been stalled in my writing for some time.

At first it was fear.

I was paralyzed by the scope of the story I'm writing. But I slowly talked myself out of the frenzy. While my story is terrifying, I am the writer. As such, I am the one that gets the story told. So the Beast may snarl at me all it wants. I am its boss. I own it.

It is my pet.

But just as I settled into this new perception of my relationship with my writing, my muse upped and left me high and dry. I think there is a very good reason for this. Namely: Apple season. I get so bogged down in my job that I haven't any consecutive hours available. Those I have are spent on other commitments.

Of course, my muse returned after she realized that her little tantrum was going largely unnoticed.

This means that I feel it stirring. That desire to sit down with my characters and just talk. I want to know more about them. What makes them happy? What makes them angry? What made them what they are today?

I am becoming painfully aware that I let up right after the start of the adventure. The knowledge that my one storyline is largely unexplored is niggling at me.

In short... it is a matter of time before I open my word processor and start writing.

In fact... I can feel the coming of a flood.

Anyone else expecting the dam to burst after a while spent not writing? Do you see this as a good or a bad thing?


  1. My damn burst last week and I couldn't wait to start writing again (and good thing too, as I have 15 chapters of edits due to my Critters next weekend!).

    I love when I get that feeling that it's time to work again. I always feel so worthless when I can't get myself to write.

  2. I feel the dam burting now but trying to get caught up with the Crusaders, that's taken on a life of it own, I haven't found the time. Soon I'll write, I hope.

  3. Good luck with the apples! I hope the dam bursts in a suitably spectacular fashion for you.

    It's a curious thing to have just about enough time to write, but not enough additional time to contemplate and incubate the stories so they flow when we do sit down to write.

    I've been really busy recently and my writing time has suffered, but I'm taking it in hand and making myself take the time. Maybe the dam will burst...

  4. This happens to me ... a lot!

    I have learned not to worry and obsess too much over a prolonged period away from the computer, as I know the dam will burst on its own accord: i'll get a stroke of inspiration out of the blue, or from a song, or by reading a book, etc, and i'll be drawn back to the writing desk with renewed energy.

    I think it's a great thing, you return refreshed and ready to go again. Some people forget sometimes just how damn hard and draining writing can be! Sometimes, for me at least, the times away are just as important as the times of frenzied activity..!

  5. I think this happens to lots of writers, which is why so many of them have strict deadlines. Wehn someone is waiting for something from you, you're forced to plod along. Hope you can get back on to it soon!

  6. I have three stories to tell dancing in my head. Two are partly written, the third I got bored with the MC and realized he was all wrong for the job. But I am currently resting, because I became exhausted and because the house is up for sale so now I must go through all the storage boxes in the garage and decide if we really need that.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  7. I think you need a spa a pedicure, manicure, facial...maybe a full body massage from a qualified massage therapist with rippling biceps...or maybe that's me and I'm just projecting? Hmmm...

  8. I hope you find yourself sopping wet. :)

    Ref: the Beast
    Mine bites. But then that's what makes it interesting.

  9. Hi Fellow Crusader,

    Just dropped by to introduce myself and follow. Thanks for the follow at mine!

  10. Hi Misha,
    As you know, I write without putting pressure on myself. I go with the flow, relax and write when I feel the time is right.
    In between writing, I embrace other positive distractions and thus I'm perfectly fine :-)
    Now then, make sure you have a peaceful and positive week.
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  11. Good thing! I am glad you are getting out of your slump. That's a very positive reaction.

  12. It's a good thing. Just get a sturdy surfboard and ride the wave. :)

  13. I always think of it as a good thing. The water analogy is perfect, too.

    Staying away from writing isn't the thing that coaxes my muse into working. It's writing something completely different. Then she wants to get back to the main subject and starts coming up with all these ideas to entice me.

    Right now, I feel a flood coming, too.

  14. I just read a great quote from American author E.L. Doctorow - "writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can see only as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way."

  15. It's a good thing! Just don't let it get too heavy and then completely dry up. No flash floods! But, general flood is good.

    Yay for the feeling the flood coming! Can't say I'm with you, my muse has made a damn the size of the Three Rivers Dam in China right across my brain. :/

  16. Let it come, girlfriend! (Stands up on bleachers, fist pumps for you) Woot! Woot!

  17. Yes! And I say, bring on the rain!

    Best of luck with the project, Misha :))

  18. Ahh. I get nigglings too. I get the itch to create if I don't write for a couple of days.

    When a flood comes, I call it 'the groove'. Which it came around more often.

  19. Ah, you too? I HATE when the muse leaves. Can't tell if I've got enough water at my dam for a flood just yet. Guess I'll pray for rain? Good luck to you - hope that dam breaks soon!

  20. Oh yeah! This happened to me with one of my projects very recently. I just didn't have any new ideas for it and every word I tried to add sounded horrible. The beast was definitely "snarling" at me. Lol! So, instead of fighting it, I left it alone for a while and working on other things.

    Opened the project again a few days ago and found I had a million new ideas bubbling under the surface! It was great!

    Best of luck with your project :)

  21. I've been stuck in the saggy middle for a couple of weeks. Sometimes my word-count after a couple of hours is in the negative because I've had to fix so much. Heartbreaking.

    But a "virtual" friend of mine gave me advice I'll never forget: No one here can help you. Go and do what you have to do. We'll be here when you get back.

    :) and good luck.

  22. All the best with your muse. I'm prepping up for a book promo/push for my next novel and it's like pushing through a dam too.

  23. It's definitely a good thing. I hope you get lots of wonderful words :)

  24. A muse is a fickle sprite, never tamed and seldom coerced, but then all over you like brine on a pickle when you have other things to do.

    Best of luck from a fellow Crusader and muse-follower.

  25. This happens to me from time to time. At the moment I feel drained and physically exhausted, and needing to take a break from writing. But by tomorrow the muse could reappear and I'll feel invigorated and raring to go. Who can tell?

  26. Thanks for visiting my blog Misha! I stopped by to follow yours. Nice to meet you.

  27. I think it can be a daunting task to get back into writing after you've finished a project. I'm trying to restart my engine too!

  28. Best of luck with your writing! And yes, I love it when the dam bursts and drenches me with words. :D *writing cookies*

  29. Sometimes you need to stew! How many times can you circle the writers chair before sitting in it? If you write just one line down, magic happens. It will bring a focus and the jitters will dissapear.

    Jacqueline Howett Author of The Greek Seaman

  30. A pet beast... I LOVE it! I have a couple big ideas I've been afraid to get to because of their size and this makes me want to! I never have a time I'm not working on something, but I DO put off starting until I am done with this or that writing, editing, etc. and I find when I finally get to the project I've been holding off on, it really flows fast.

  31. I know what you mean, Rebecca. I tend to feel worthless too when I can't coax the words out. :-)

    I feel that way too, Shelley, but I just came to the realization that I've been letting the blog get in the way of my writing. Never a good idea. Thanks for stopping by!

    I'm having the same feeling Tony, so tonight, the plan is to just chat with my characters for a bit first. A few blogs gave me some great questions to ask. :-)

    I always worried about my dry spells, Luke, but I've realized that my brain needs them to recover from my frenzied activities. More importantly, my mind needs those quiet times to create. :-)

    Thanks D.U. And thanks for dropping by! :-)

    Oh Nancy, moving house (or packing for that matter) never helps me to write. I cringe just thinking about it. Good luck! :-)

    You know, Michael, I think that you're spot on - projecting or not. ;-)

    Thanks Maria. My Beast bites too. But most of the time it finds it easier to intimidate me with its size. ;-)

    Welcome and thanks for the follow, Nas. :-)

    Hi Gary, thanks for the good wishes! Now that you mention it, I can never write without putting some sort of pressure on myself. I wonder why that is. :-)

    Thanks Angie!

    Haha Connie you're right. Just hoping to swim this one might be a bit ambitious. ;-)

    JE I'm thrilled to hear that you feel your inspiration returning! I find that writing other things also get my muse to get back to the work at hand. This time was different though. I couldn't write anything fictional. :-)

    Great quote, Jean! Thanks. :-)

    Excellent point, Devin, I need to make sure that I can sustain my writing for a while from now. Your idea sounds huge, when are you starting to write? :-)

    Thanks Misty! :-D

    Couldn't say it any better, Nicole. Thanks. :-)

    Groove is a good way to describe it, M. I'm hoping that mine comes back soon... :-)

    Thanks Donea. I'll pray for your rain too. :-)

    I get that too, Kristina. Even when I'm not writing, my mind is putting together ideas I'll need when I get back to it. It's great, because that takes away the worst of my empty-page jitters. Good luck with your writing. :-)

    Fixing so much can be heartbreaking. But you know what, it gave you the reminder I needed to hear. Selfish, but true. Thanks for passing it on. I hope you get through your troubles soon. ;-)

    Good luck Myne!

    Thanks Sari!

    Mine is exactly the same, Ben. Thanks for stopping by. :-D

    I know what you mean, Ellie. The only thing I can do is waiting for my muse to get back to me. :-)

    Thanks for the visit and the follow, Matthew.

    Oooh good luck Samantha!

    Thanks Danyelle! *Nom Nom Nom* ;-)

    Jacqueline, that's what I'm hoping. That my words will inspire new ones. Thanks for visiting. :-)

    Hart, I'm glad that I struck a chord. Yes, I gripe about the Beast a lot, but the fact is, I love it. And it gives me a satisfaction that none of my other WiP's can. Good luck with taming your beast. ;-)

  32. I usually just sit down and write with few expections. Usually, I am surprised by what happens and where my characters take me. I used to have a lot of trouble, but writing has become such an ingrained part of my routine. Much like a shower, if I don't take one (or if I don't write), I feel kind of yucky throughout the day.
    Hope this happens for you, too.

  33. I usually do that, Susan, but now that I'm rewriting, I have to keep control on what's going on. My expectations create pressure. Pressure makes me stall.

    It's a vicious cycle.

    Thanks for stopping by. :-)


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