Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where the timezone difference ruined my plans.

Remember where I mentioned that I'm posting elsewhere today?

Well... no. It seems that it will happen in your today and my tomorrow. Living at least 9 hours ahead can suck like that.

Stupid of me not to think about it - given that I work with foreigners all day.

Anyway... I haven't planned to post anything today, but -

Darrion: (Clears throat) No... You spent all day reading other people's blogs. And... shopping.
Me: Yes. I am very well aware-
Him: When you should have been writing. 
Me: What was I supposed to do? Tell my mother no to shopping?
Him: Shopping... Me... Shopping... Me... Is this question rhetorical?
Me: But it's my mom. And shopping.
Him: Your point?
Me: Believe it or not, I do have a life that doesn't involve you.
Him: (Smirks) Not much of one. You're always thinking of the story. The one you're not busy writing.
Me: Yes but -
Him: And you're not writing it now either. Are you?
Me: No.
Him: Haul it. We're getting you writing tonight.

Sigh... This is what I put up with.

Talk to you again soon! Don't forget to enter the competition to win Treasures of Carmelidrium.

UPDATE: My real post is on Jenna Quentin's blog. As it happens, it expands on the influence that characters have on my writing....  


  1. Darrion sounds beyond awesome. :D

  2. LOL. The conversation sounds familiar to me, too. :P

  3. Has he been talking to my characters? They could be friends :)

    So sorry for the delayed guest post - rggg. Normally, it would have been done this morning for you, but my French breakfast got me home just before lunch, and my French lunch turned out to take 7 hours! It is up now! Promise!

  4. That's the trouble as a writer your life is never your own :-)

  5. When I was in Alaska and most of my family was still in Indiana, things got really weird. A four-hour time difference within the same country was awkward. lol

  6. I like Darrion! LOL

    And I get tripped up by my friends in other time zones all the time. As far as I'm concerned its East Coast time in the States ALL the time!

  7. Ahhh, someone to crack the whip or cajole or otherwise sweet talk you into doing what you know you should be doing...sweet.

  8. Being that I am near the end of the time zones, I'm always behind anyway. :)

    Hope you got some writing done.

  9. Hey, I need a drill sergeant like that, would be good for me. Anyway, get to work!

  10. I didn't realize you were in South Africa. Have you checked out the Lori Perkins Agency and agent, Louise Fury? She's looking for authors from S. A.

  11. Oh he is, Emy.

    Haha Christina and Golden, you have my sympathy. ;-P

    Hahaha Jenna, better that they don't meet. Or they would plot world domination. ;-)As for the delay, it was really not a problem.

    So true, Al. Still... I can't imagine it any other way.

    Hahaha I can see why. I still beat you though. I work with people in the US and China while I'm in South Africa... ;-)

    Lol Tracy, he says likewise. The flirt. ;-)

    Hahaha Bish, I never quite managed to put Darrion and sweet together before...

    M, I know what you mean. I'm at GMT +1...

    Yes ma'am! :-P

    Hahaha indeed he is, Devin.

    0.0 Thanks for the heads-up, Em. She is definitely at the top of my wishlist now. :-)

  12. For some reason I read your blog title as "Where the timezone difference ruined my pants."

    I read the post waiting for the pants. Of course I see now what my I did there and wonder why I have pants on the brain.

    I love that Darrion encourages you to write like that. Wonderful.

  13. Lol it must have been disappointing to see that my post was so much more mundane than that. ;-P


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