Monday, February 7, 2011

Planning for April

Today, I want to do something I've been avoiding my whole life...

I'm going to plan a whole month's worth of blogs.

See... the A-Z blogging challenge is coming in April and leaves me in an interesting situation.

I am close enough now that the posts I do now might be recalled if they're repeated in April. And let's face it. Some topics are just too good to leave out...

It would just suck if some of you (my loyal visitors) drop by in April and notice that something I said sounds really familiar...

It would also suck if I had to improvise a random topic because I couldn't think of something starting with a D...

I must warn you though. Some of the topics might have been mentioned in some of my older posts. As I said. Too good to leave out. Still... I will do my best to give my old followers something new.

So... I want to know... Who else is doing the A-Z challenge? How are you approaching it?


  1. I keep going back and forth of whether I'm going to do this or not. It's exam and finals time so I get sort of...nervous.

  2. Good Lord! I haven't seen this? I'll have to think about it being that I blog everyday anyway. Good luck. And I say, if you've got an earlier post that you can use...use it.

  3. I don't think anyone will care if you post about something similar when it comes to the A-Z blogging. I'm not doing it, but I've seen several bloggers that are!

  4. I don't think anyone will care if you post about something similar when it comes to the A-Z blogging. I'm not doing it, but I've seen several bloggers that are!

  5. I'm doing it. I may do a French word a day? Maybe? It'll be interesting to see if I can do this!

  6. I'm doing the A-Z challenge and biting my nails over it as I currently blog once a week, posting my #fridayflash.
    Thanks for joining my site and it's nice to meet you!

  7. Sounds like a great challenge. I'm still mulling it over. Good luck with your posts!

  8. the a-z challenge sounds like a good idea! i'm not doing it though... at least i don't think so!

  9. As blog fests go, this one is a little too ambitious.

    I follow a lot of people. If every one of them decided to do this fest, it's unlikely I'd have time to comment or even read that many posts.

  10. I'm doing the A-Z challenge. I've come up with one thing I want to do. I'm going to highlight people that I've met on this journey based on the letter of their name. This way people will learn about other writers and that is sort of the point. :)

  11. I did it last year and had a blast. I'm doing it again this year too. My approach? Have fun! Pick a word (any word)and run with it.

  12. I'm planning to participate, but I haven't put a lot of thought into exactly what I plan to write. Hopefully, I'll get to that point sooner, rather than later!

  13. Good luck with this goal. It sounds fun. But I'd totally forgive you if it wasn't done A-Z.

  14. Oooh Melissa, I've been there. Maybe you should consider posting while limiting the amount of views you do... That's what I would have done if I was in your situation. :-)

    Em, in that case the challenge should be a cinch for you. Check on the right hand side of the blog for my blogfests box. The red words are links to more info. I hope you join. It's an excellent way to meet more bloggers. :-)

    Laura P, on theory, it seems reasonable. But there's this little voice in the back of my head...

    Samantha, that seems like a plan. It should be interesting. :-)

    Laura E, I'd suggest that you plan too and write at least some of them ahead of time. It's a cheat, but it might just work. As for joining, it's always a pleasure. :-)

    Thanks Renae. Let us know if you do it. I love your name, by the way. Thanks for dropping by.

    Sorry to hear that, Amanda. Good luck with your WiP. :-D

    Maria, that is a good point. I just decided that I would check out as many blogs as I can... :-)

    Ciara that is a great idea! :-D

    Sounds like a blast, Bish. I will definitely be around. :-)

    Good luck with you challenge preparations, JL! :-)

  15. I told myself I wasn't doing it, too much on my plate right now, but I really hate to miss it...still on the fence I suppose...

  16. I'm doing the A-Z Challenge too! I wrote out the letters and then the dates each letter will correspond to. Then, I take what I usually blog and see how it'll work with the letter; for example, Fridays will still have flash fiction but it'll correspond to a letter. The other days, I'm still trying to figure it out. I already have one blog post written, but I need to get to the others. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  17. That's a lot, maybe I'll do every second letter. Good luck with the planning.

  18. I confess I'm not doing the A-Z. It's just too much blogging for me, but I will try hard to visit as many posts as I can!

  19. I'm still debating on whether or not I want to do the A-Z. It's a lot of posting! Good luck planning it out though.

  20. I'm doing it!

    I'm trying to write up ideas for posts throughout the month, a few a day, and then decide on a topic and write it up closer to April. That way I won't have to cram every morning. :P

  21. Good for you for taking on the challenge! Unfortunately I don't know that I could handle it myself, but I'm looking forward to having lots of blogs to read every day. :)

  22. Oh boy, the a-z challenge sounds challenging! Hehehe! Good luck with it!

  23. Yep, I'll be doing the A-Z challenge too. Knowing me, I'll probably wing it, though.

  24. That's a smart idea. I'm not big into blogfests, yet I've got ones set up for Friday and Monday. But they're short (250 words) and romantic/swoony worthy. :)

  25. I know the feeling, Colene. I felt like that for NaNo... Good luck with deciding. ;-)

    Hi Cherie, I did something similar by picking topics corresponding to the day... I draw the line at writing ahead though. I'm never THAT organised. ;-P

    That's a good idea, Patti. You get to be involved while halving the work... Clever. :-)

    Great Lydia, I look forward to reading your comments. :-)

    Devin, it is a lot, but it's a maximum of four posts more than what I usually do... Still, blogging is a different experience for everyone. :-)

    That's why I did my planning too, Golden. Really don't want to be stuck wondering about the letter X. ;-)

    Jennifer, I'm sure that the challenge isn't for anyone, but I look forward to reading your comments. :-)

    Haha thanks Emily. Glad to see you commenting again. :-D

    Nice Lynda, I will definitely swing by regularly. :-)

    Stina, I tend to be very picky about my blogfests too. I try to do blogfests that don't distract my muse from what she's busy with. So I take part in very few blogfests that involve creative writing. :-)

  26. I've started thinking of topics and filling them in on a calendar. I will become writing them out soon. I'm going to try to keep the posts very short--100-200 words if I can. There will be a lot of blogs to visit.

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