Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Sunday Update

Good morning everyone! And welcome all the new followers. I hope you all enjoy my blog and find at least a little value in what I have to say...

Right: Let's get to the updates...

Firstly, I just want to brag a little. I have lost...  11 pounds this week! This means that I'm pretty much back to my weight before my great winter gain. I'm ecstatic!

Somewhere in August, I ranted and raved about my economics essay that wasn't going well... It turns out that I got a distinction for it. I was flabbergasted when I got the results, but I'm very happy. It counts towards my final marks, so I've got a bit of a safety net in the event that something goes wrong in the subject.

As for the rest of my studies, I might be a tad busy this coming week, since I have a project to hand in, a big test to write, and a Fencing AGM that I must attend, since I'm the club chairperson. So, I'm afraid that the next time you'll see a new post from me is on Thursday. I'll try to get something posted, but since my mind will be completely focused on my academics, I'm quite sure that whatever I say will a) not make sense, b) be boring c) both. I'm sorry that I'm so inconsistent at the moment and that I won't be getting to many of your blogs, but I'm in test and final exam season now... So think of me please.

Writing wise, I'm spending the next few hours interviewing James before getting back to the academic grind. Callan was surprisingly chatty, and it gave my many insights into who she is that I didn't understand before. James just pushes my buttons. Which is why I'm here. Leaving him to stew.

I really really suggest you try interviewing your characters. Building scenes help you to see how they react. But interviewing lets you see who they are. It's brilliant. I'll definitely interview them again as the story progresses, just so that I can see how they've changed...

What about you? What news do you have to share? Nothing is too big or small for us to celebrate or mourn with you. I am just dying to get to know you all better and hear what's going on in your lives.


  1. Congratulations, Misha, on both losing eleven pounds, and getting the distinction with your essay!

    I’ve been giving your interviewing idea a great deal of thought; one of the characters in my project was originally based on me. Interviewing myself might help me learn a few things I don’t already know. Actually, though I say that in jest, there might be something in it. Although, on reflection, that might just be too scary!
    The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

  2. Congrats on the essay! And on losing 11 pounds.

    I like the idea of interviewing characters to see how they've changed over time! I hope "James" starts to cooperate with you. :)

  3. Hey go you! 11 lb is a big accomplishment! I hope you're going to celebrate somehow!

  4. 11 lbs, I need to lose a stone myself which gets harder as the winter weather sets in, it's those fruit crumbles and steamed puds that get me. Good for you! I'd love to know what questions you ask your characters in interviews. :O)

  5. Hey all, thanks for the congratulations :-)

    Blogger, I'd be scared to interview myself too. There is a large possibility that a part of me will crawl out that I'd rather not know about at this time...

    Golden, James did co-operate in the end, although I think he might be a tad reluctant about coming back for round two :-/

    Colene, when I hit my target weight, I might just reward myself with a McD's burger... Ironic and sad, but true ;-P

    Madeleine, I actually don't have a set list of questions. I imagined a place where they could all chill and waited for one of them to walk in. In the end, they came in the order they chose. I asked them stuff about them, how they like the others, their childhoods... That sort of thing. I kind of picked questions based on what they did and what they told me...

    Thanks for the comments all :-)

  6. Madeleine, I also wanted to say about your weight loss...

    Keep at it girl. I know it's incredibly difficult as winter creeps up and you want to reach for comfort food, but imagine how awesome you'll feel when summer comes and you're a full stone lighter.

    I'm rooting for you!


  7. Congrats on the 11 pounds and the distinction on your essay. Hope your week goes well and see you on thursday

  8. WOW! Congrats on the WL and the essay! WOO HOO.

  9. Holy wow, 11 pounds?! Fabulous! And huge congrats on your essay :D I've never interviewed my characters before, I'll have to give it a try :D

  10. Hrrm, I'm getting back on the Weight Watchers wagon, I want to lose another 15 this month. My writing is coming along in surprising spurts. And life is what happens! Thanks for asking and good luck this week!

    Breakfast Every Hour

  11. Sounds like there is a lot to be happy ab out! Congrats!

  12. Misha, congrats on the essay distinction. I hope your character interviews continue to provide insights.

    Me, this week I'm hoping to finish a first draft of my current WIP.

  13. ...well done on both:)

    Major achievements are always worth celebrating!

    Glad I stopped by:)

  14. Yay for the 11 pounds and essay!!! Woohoo!!! Definitely worth sharing!

    Hmm, I'm looking forward to rewriting a bit more!

  15. Congrats on the 11 pds and the essay. Funny how that works-what we think is our worst ends up being one of our best. Best wishes with your studies this week. And neat idea about interviewing your characters. I'll have to try that!

  16. Thank you all for your comments and support!

    Sorry that I'm replying in such a jumbled fashion, but I'm quickly doing this during a break from essay writing.

    Alex, I must say rather you than me on the Weight Watchers thing. I HATE counting and weighing everything I get to eat - which is usually precious little. On my diet, I get to eat in terms of portion sizes - which are quite sizable. After the carb withdrawals, things become considerably easier and the weight melts away very quickly. I mean, I lost half of my goal loss in two weeks.

    Paul, good luck on finishing your WiP. Let me know how it went :-)

    Jen, I hope the rewriting is going well!

    Lynn, life does have funny outcomes. Let me know how the interviews go? (You too Michelle!)

    Thanks for stopping by



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