Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My life at the moment...

I am officially on a diet. I don't particularly enjoy it, but I know that I will when I weigh myself in. But it's quite daunting to think that I have about 36 pounds to shake off. So far I am sticking to it quite well, despite the effects of cutting out 'bad' foods.

I'm going cold turkey on high carb foods, and it's driving me nuts. So much so that I can't study or read anything that requires too much concentration. So... I know that I will have to crunch in my university work until Saturday. So if I don't post, no, I wasn't called back to my mother planet. I might be busy bawling my eyes out, though. This time is roughly the first anniversary of my WHY THE HELL AM I STUDYING THIS!!!! semi-break-down.

I'm in a better place though, but I can't predict the effect of sugar and sleep deprivation, mixed with a strategic management project and an Investment management test.

Point is, I might post in the next few days, but I might not. So please check for new posts, or, some of my newer followers, feel free to catch up on my archive. It isn't big yet and might give you some insights into the convoluted twists of my mind. Then again, it might not. I am that insane.

Since I know that I can't study tonight, I'm just going to spend my time doing something relaxing like... say... writing. And drinking lots of water.

Oh... I'm also contemplating the idea of signing up to become an air hostess. Why? Because it sounds like an adventure. Why else?

I will keep you posted on my progress on all fronts.

Finally, I've been thinking... Something new and different for the blog. I know that we are few, but I really would love to see more interaction.

My idea involves picking a day once a week and everyone interested nominating and voting for a topic, and everyone discussing it in comments. What do you think? Any suggestions?


  1. good luck!! :) My husband did the no carb thing and it worked wonders for him, but he was the devil the first few days...by the way, yeah, I didn't end up throwing that book to the wolves, it's still on my bookshelf with my page marked, and I fear I will go back to it soon, b/c the guilt is crazy :) irrational yes. I'm reading Dean Koontz for now.

  2. Yes! I was quite snappish on day two when my body realized it wouldn't get its sugar fix, but it was mainly due to the terrible nausea, vertigo and nausea brought about by the withdrawals.

    Luckily they have a protein diet friendly homeopathic medicine that curbs cravings for sugar, so I got over the withdrawal stage much quicker than before.

    As for the book, I suggest you read it while consuming a sizable bowl of (preferably healthy) snacks. I find that pecan nuts can make any book tolerable ;-)


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