Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome to my blog! (psst... I see yooou...)

Firstly, I just want to say hello to the wonderful people following my blog. Your support means a lot to me. You can't begin to imagine how much it sucked when you weren't here.

Secondly, I want to say hello to my lurkers. Yes... I know you are out there. It's kind or hard to miss when the number of page hits per day are twice the amount of people that follow me. Unless my followers want to make me feel better by checking what I wrote more than once. 

Working on the assumption that that is not the case, I just want to say that I hope my blog makes you guys feel welcome enough to a) comment b) follow c) both. This also includes my facebook friends that keep following the links I leave.

How do I know it's you? Because the amount of South African hits are second only to the U.S. ones. Also, these two number at least three times the hits compared to the third largest number of hits.

So anyway... I want to thank you all for coming to check out my blog. I really hope that some of you are coming back to check out what I wrote. If you have come back at least three times, I think you might want to use the follow widget, or sign up for a free subscription. That way you can get e-mails of every blog post I write. Personally, I would suggest that you opt for following, since I pretty much post every day. At this point I will mention that I might be a bit more scarce next week - hey! stop jumping for joy! - due to my spring break, but I will try to be back as often as possible.  

Anyway. Since you guys and girls have potentially missed around twenty or more posts, I've added labels and a search function for your convenience. The search function should also connect you to any of the thirty plus blogs that I'm following. So the odds of you finding what you are looking for are pretty high. The labels might send you in unexpected directions, due to the twisted nature of my mind. But go on. Use them. It's an adventure...

I hope you all enjoy it here. And please, I wasn't kidding about the commenting. I hate when it feels like I'm talking to myself. Also, I'm still finding my voice, since I'm pretty new to blogging, so if any of you have suggestions, requests or questions, please drop me a line. Be as upbeat or blunt as you like, but please please please keep it clean. If you absolutely can't, be cleanish. No abuse or unnecessary nastiness, please.

Hope to hear from you soon.

With lots of love,


  1. Hi Misha! I'm so happy I discovered your blog and just wanted to wish you best of luck with your novel! I know it isn't an easy job but you'll get there :) Can't wait to read more of your posts.
    Have a great week.

  2. Hey misha thanks for commenting on my blog, and i would like to appologise. normaly if a new follower joins me i like to check them out leave a thank you comment, and follow. It would appear that ive been very rude and not followed (untill now). I know what you mean i like comments to, and feel im talking to my self if there are no comments. But sometimes talking to your self can just be as liberating as talking to your MC's.
    so i will be poping back regularly to see how you are getting on, and will comment often.

    Hugs from your new follower Serena x

  3. Don't worry I'm here to comment! When I visit I do my best to comment and let people to know I read what they write, I just don't always have time.

    I love getting comments, it let's me know someone out in the world is listening to me and cares about what I'm saying!!!

    Feel free to stop by my blog today, Elana, Alex and I have decided to do a blog trifecta, helping other bloggers gain more followers, comments and overall what to blog about!

  4. Hey ladies thanks so much!

    Lua I feel exactly the same about your blog. Can't wait to see what you post next :-)

    Serena that's ok. I know that some people don't want to commit to following and I assumed you were one of them. I'm really glad you aren't though. ;-P I left another comment at you previous post about how you can get your idea to grow into something writable. A lot of those suggestions come from personal experience. My beast of a novel was very tricky to get going. I hope I could help you.

    Jen I am so looking forward to reading your post about blogging. It's number one on my to-read list as soon as I posted something new. I'll make sure to leave a comment to show I'm listening and... gasp... paying attention. ;-)


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