Thursday, January 27, 2011

More on GPF

Hi all!

I am now super excited!

So far, everyone who commented was quite positive, so I am definitely going to do it.

Right now, I don't want to tie myself to a specific day, since there might be some admin involved. Still, if it is at all possible, I would like to start next week.

Since a lot of the commenters asked, I thought I would throw some topics out for consideration...

How do you build your world?
Your favorite character that you have written. How did he/she occur to you?
For the plotters: How do you decide what to write?
For the pantsers: How do you keep track of what happened?
Agents and Publishing...

To name a few.

But really, anything as long as it falls within writing and the literary world. If it's interesting, even better. After all, you're representing your blog. :-) 

So... what do you do now?


Please please please contact me at with the topic of your post and when you would prefer to do it. Please make sure that the re line says it's about GPF.

Right now I need people who are willing to post this coming week.

Then I also would love to hear about what you would like to read about. Maybe we can get someone to post about it. Feel free to e-mail these to me too. Just make sure that the re line says that its a suggestion for GPF.

So people leave your mark on the pages of this blog's history. Be the first one. I'll give you a cookie. ;-)


  1. I love this idea Misha!!! I think guest blogging is so much fun!!! If I were to do a guest blog it would definitely be one of two things... how to build a world or how to unleash the funny.

    Two very different topics. Both of which I know a thing or two about when writing!!!

  2. OMG I would love if you posted about unleashing the funny!

    But world building sounds just as awesome.

    So mail me and we'll talk.


  3. Hi Misha,
    ooooh, I'd love to write a guest post. I have to think hard about an interesting topic that has not been covered yet. Hhmmmmm...I'll let you know if I come up with a good one. And yes, it'll be very literary (related to books or writing) ;)

  4. I would give it a try. I keep track of characters in their FBI file and important stuff goes there. Beings I Pants instead of plot. If you really have a whole person for a character all you have to do is turn them loose and watch. If you get bored, mess with them a bit...LOL. It is fun to be a mean God!

  5. Guest posts are a great way to shake things up. Especially when life gets crazy. I might be down for the pitfalls of plotter research.

  6. I'd love to read one on unleashing the funny. I could probably do one about eliminating the scaffolding from your WIPs. It's something I've been working on with mine.

  7. Hi Claudia! It's awesome to know that you're putting some thought into it. Can't wait to see what comes out. If you want, you can mail me and we can work something out. ;-)

    HowLynn I know exactly what you mean. Except my characters take revenge by messing with me... But I would love to see you guest post about it. Mail me. :-P

    SM (Not quite sure what I should call you), I'd be thrilled if you took that topic. Just let me know when. :-)

    Lois that sounds like yet another awesome topic! When would you like to post? :-)

    Come on people! So far I have many ideas, but only one person that mailed. Pretty pretty please? *makes puppy eyes*

  8. Good for you Misha! Good luck with that! (guest posts kinda scare me, but i'll enjoy reading the others!)

  9. Thanks Ali, remember to stop by next Friday for the first guest post. :-)

  10. I'd love to do a guest post! Lets see... maybe about creating original languages? I'm not an expert in linguistics by any means, but I've done a ton of research into the mechanics of creating a language. Not sure I could organize so much information into a decently-sized and coherent blog post though. *is sort of thinking out-loud here*

    Will send you an e-mail if/when I know for sure I can write the post decently. : )

  11. That sounds like a great idea! I am writing a fantasy too, so I have about three languages that need to be worked out.



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