Monday, January 24, 2011

100 posts and an award


It seems like I started this blog a very short time ago.

And then I think about it and realize. Oh yeah. It was a very short while ago. August, I think.

With November and December in between where I barely posted at all.

So... when I post, I post a lot. And often.

Daily almost.

But here I am, with my 100th post having crept up on me.

What to do what to do?

Well, there is that award I won...

Thank you very much, Amanda. I really felt special when read that I received it.

So here are the rules of the award:

1) Thank and link back to the person that gave the award. (That's me: always thinking ahead.)
2) Tell seven things about yourself.
3) Award ten recently discovered, great bloggers.
4) Let them  know that they won the award.

So, instead of boring you with more about me, I decided to bore you about my blogging experience. MUHAHAHAHA!!!

1) I never (ever) edited anything that I have posted on this blog. Sorry to those that cringe when they read nonsensical and half finished
2) I've only reread one of my posts after I have posted it. I cannot remember which one it was. See mom? Not a narcissist.
3) I get insanely envious when I read some of your compositions. And then I forget about it and feel honored to get to know those talented individuals. For those of you that are wondering who I refer to: If you've posted compositions...
4) I am absolutely amazed at the amount of you that do not enjoy chocolate. Freaks.
5) I am very proud of the fact that I posted a how-to list on blogging when I had (I think) seven people following. I am also proud to say that I'm pretty sure I broke any one of my own rules at least once.
6) One rule of the above stuck in my mind: keep under 300 words. I uhm cough... never... cough... managed it... cough... since... cough... post. Oh wait. My message to say that I was absent... See? I'm terrible.
7) One day, when I am ready for a wonderful cringe fest, I will start reading my own posts. But right now the plan is to write so many posts that the amount of reading will freak even me out.

Well... I must say that picking ten of my most recent great blog discoveries is pretty hard. My memory is long and my sense of perspective is (as I'm sure you all realized by now) is whacked.

But here are my latest stick-out blog favorites. (To my old favorites, you are classics to me.)

1) TalkToYoUniverse
2) Seton Hill Writers (Very Very New, but lots of potential)
3) Operation Awesome (I love Oliver)
4) Vanora's Thoughts
5) Rachna's Scriptorium
6) Samuel Park's Daily Prep for Writers
7) Musings of a Penniless Writer
8) Julie Cross: Author
9) Write Liz Write
10) Of Writerly Things

Well then folks, that's all I have to say for today. Oops: except to mention that I have been walking (as an exercise) every day since last reported.

So, what weird things can you tell me about your experiences as a blogger?


  1. *fist pump* Thanks for giving Operation Awesome an award!! You rock! :D

  2. Congratulations on 100 posts and your award!

    I can't understand how people can like chocolate. Freaks. ;)

  3. Hi Misha, you are funny. I do edit my post because I fear if I don't no one will take me seriously.

    Thank you for your comment on Helen Ginger's blog about my post in my book tour. If you want more chances to win, you can check out previous post on my blog book tour schedule. I go to them every day to see if there are new comments with emails.
    I'm excited that your interested in my book. Thank you, it is a great honor.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  4. That is awesome, Misha. THANK YOU!

  5. Congratulations on your 100 posts. That's a big deal. I like the looks of your blog, incidentally.

  6. Congrats on a hundred posts. And the award

  7. Thanks Amparo. I know this, but I always enjoy my ego trips. :-P

    Thanks Golden! Here how to like chocolate: step one: open wrapper. Step two: consume. ;-)

    Hi Nancy, thanks. I guess too many people take me too seriously. Funny, because I don't take myself seriously at all. Anyway, I tend not to edit blogs, because I want this to be all me. And I never edit what I think or say. Hope that the blog tour is going well. :-)

    No Donna, thank you. :-)

    Why thank you Helen. I like your blog too. :-D

    Thanks Melissa!

    Thanks Colene!


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