Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hi all! I just want to remind those wanting to contribute to my blog to e-mail me at (mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com). So far the first two Fridays of February and the first Friday of March are booked. So I still need two people for February. That's at least three weeks away, so book the date. You can send me the post later. :-)

More information on our first blogger will be posted next week.

Then, I have to announce that I have finally gone and signed up for twitter. You can follow me @MishaMFB and I will automatically follow you too.

And finally, I would like to say welcome and thanks to everyone who joined up recently. I hope that you enjoy the blog.

Now, back to the post. It's tiny today, for once. After all, it's Saturday. A lot of people have been posting about time in some way, so I decided to put my two cents in. But, me being as strange as I am, this is what I came up with. 


That elusive thing that every writer craves and none seem to have.


It's strange really.

We try to put it into neat little compartments. Their time, my time, writing time...

We try to define ourselves by it. I write every day. I write weekends.
We pretend to suspend it for a little while. I'll do this later.

But it always catches up with us. Oh no! My time has run out.

Mine always seems to race ahead of me, leaving me breathless by the end of it.

We sacrifice things we love, trying to buy more of it.

But somehow we still get cheated.

But the fact is that no matter what, time marches to it's own drummer.

Sometimes it crawls and tortures.

Sometimes it slides by without us realizing it.

But it also does good things.

It changes us.

It teaches us.

It heals us.

What do you do for time? What does time do for you?


  1. Hi Misha. I'll go follow you on Twitter. I'm @MermaidHel.

    Even when we feel we have plenty of time, it races by before we notice it was passing us.

  2. I always think about Data's confusion (my apologies if you're not a Trekkie) over human expressions about time, because for him it always passes equally; time never drags or hurries when you're an android. Riker (or possible Picard) has to explain that humans don't have internal chronometers, hence the passage of time is marked differently in the human brain.

    All that to say, I should be doing homework right now, and instead I'm spending time blogging. ;)

  3. UGH. I can't write during the week because work is so crazy. I was trying to write this morning but the hubby keeps talking to me. I just need an hour a day alone, where nobody can find me and disturb me!

  4. Hi Hel, thanks for the twitter follow. I followed you too. :-)

    Hahaha Su you have my sympathy. I'm so glad that I won't have homework for the next few months. :-)

    Shame Stephanie. Family also distract me sometimes. I've taken to listening to music on ear phones when I write... Now I'm rude again. >_<

    Still, we got to love them.
    ;-) Thanks for dropping by.

  5. With my first book, time passed pretty quickly (even though it was six months from start to finish). Then the next YEAR of editing took forreeevvveeerrrr... but I was working a couple other WIPs at the time and had some problems transitioning form editing to writing and back again (just took me to a standstill on both for awhile).

    And yeah, since then I got involved in blogging. It's a wonderful, enriching experience, but it sure doesn't add hours to my day. :)

  6. I worked out a little differently to you. My first draft of Doorways took tree versions and two years to finish.

    For my rewrite, I've done 23k words in two weeks. But then, I now know what the heck is going on. I hope that the edits go well too, as I want to finish my romance and my Urban Fantasy sometime.

    Blogging is charming time thief. ;-)

  7. I think you are the first person to find me from TH Mafi's linky and thank you - since you speak of time in this post, reminds me I now have to find time to start visiting others on the list. I think Tahereh's idea was great so sorry about the blogger you unfortunatley met (read your previous post) I will keep an eye out for that one!

  8. I was? Well, I'm glad I did start clicking then.

    I also thought her idea was great. Maybe one day when I have a bit more followers, I will do something similar.

    Haha if I may advise you, count backwards on the list. That way you will hit a fair share of the blogs before you hit her.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  9. Like memories, time is but an illusion.

    OK, that’s as profound as I get at weekends :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  10. I grab time wherever I can find it. I carry a notebook and pen with me everywhere, so I can write while I'm waiting. I waste entirely too much time--or maybe I distract myself by playing games while my subconscious does its magic.

    My favorite thing is when I sit down to write and I look up and hours have passed and many good words have been written and they seem to have been written by--ME!

    Marian Allen

  11. Time changes, heals, teaches us... I'm waiting my time to forgive someone... I kinda think I'm wasting my time for not forgiving that someone.. but time heals.. so I should just wait until I'm ready..but hope not too late

  12. Ugh. Time. Some days I want more and more of it. Others I just wish the day would end. It'd be wonderful if we could save up unneeded time for days when we actually need it.

    Also, language development is proving to be far too big of a subject for one post. I'm thinking of turning it into a series for my own blog. I'll think up some other topic for a guest-post.

  13. It seems like as a stay home mom I should have tons of time to write...but my days get full quickly. I don't know how I ever managed when I worked. I'm always amazed at the bloggers who work, have kids, write and have a full time job...

  14. I watched "Supernatural" and "Merlin" this weekend. I guess with my free time I just do whatever I want to do (I mean outside of the mundane things like laundry and grocery shopping). Grocery shopping is Hell btw...if you doubt Dante. It's the circle of Hell just before you get to Satan where the sign with all the sinners says "Welcome to Wal-Mart". O.o

  15. Blogger, I must say that that was frightningly profound for the weekend. In fact, I'm glad I only read it now. ;-)

    I write like that too, Marian. In fact I wrote my entire first draft of Doorways in notebooks. But now I'm rewriting by computer, so I took out the notebooks to prevent distraction. But I must say that I miss them a lot. :-)

    Kamila, I have been there too. But I have realized that it only hurts me when I don't forgive, so I have learned to forgive, even if I do not forget so fast. There is a very vital difference. Good luck to you. :-)

    Saving time for later sounds wonderful, Amorena. I'll check out your blog for your posts. I'm dying to learn more about language construction. :-)

    I know what you mean, Sharon. Those bloggers amaze me too. :-)

    Hahahaha Michael and here I thought that Supermarkets are Satan's office... ^_^

  16. Thank you for commenting on my post earlier, and I see that time is on your mind as well.... I'm off to look around your blog :)


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