Friday, August 13, 2010

What I did on three hours' sleep.

So... I finished my essay before the deadline and it came out surprisingly well. Phew.

Unfortunately I finished my essay at two in the morning and had to wake up a five.

Up to now, I've packed my luggage without forgetting anything (but maybe I forgot that I forgot). I've driven in morning traffic without falling asleep or causing a crash. I've attended a class and didn't fall asleep. I almost did, but since I think sitting in class where the lecturer can see me and sleeping is rude. So... knowing that I wasn't getting anything out of it, I pretended to take notes and wrote an interesting if somewhat dark poem instead.

I must say that it surprised me when I reread it. All of by tethered cynicism seemed to break loose and ran wild on my page. Maybe the sleep deprivation muted my internal censor or something. Or perhaps the poem was my contemplation of what I would enter into the Notes from the Underground Contest, if i decided to write.

Who knows? But I have to wonder if I could do it again...


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