Thursday, August 12, 2010

A non-poetic ode about Economics.

I generally enjoy economics, but there is one very good reason why I will never do it for an extended period of time:

I HATE ambiguously worded, but secretly limited topics and limited word counts. It's really that simple.

I hate when I do all of my research, read through all of it, formulate a shape for the essay and stumbling across this sparse piece of writing that makes all of my research null and void.

I hate that I discovered this on the day I was supposed to be writing said essay. More, I hate that I had to change topics due to the fact that there is no readily available information on the old one that isn't null and void.

Most of all, I hate that I will finish this post before I've downloaded all of the information needed to write the essay. Then I still need to write it...

Most Most of all... I hate that my planning is flushed down the toilet because the lecturer forgot to point out the significant difference between the financial crisis and the debt crisis. Maybe I should have seen it myself, but due to the fact that it was debt that triggered the former, the mistake seems logical.

Oh... did I mention that it's due tomorrow?

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