Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My writer's block is gone.

That's right... gone.

I just got so fed up with not writing that I sat down, opened a word document and wrote: 'Porridge sticks to the roof of your mouth like peanut butter.'

Before I knew it, I had written an entire paragraph. That done, I simply opened my book and scribbled the paragraph again and kept writing. It was awesome!

When I started to realize that my creative gears weren't going to jam, my heart started beating fast with indescribable excitement. I felt the problems I saw with the conflict becoming insignificant in the face of the pure joy I experienced.

And you know what? The stuff I wrote was actually really good. I got to visit a character sooner and saw another side to James's life-long friend. By the time I stopped, I was grinning like the Cheshire cat. I know this due to the fact that I saw how many people walked past me, giving me a wiiiiiiide berth because of my maniacal smile.

It's actually amazing how people can create a writer's block for themselves without thinking about it. For example, in a writer's forum, there was a girl who asked for advice about a plot outline for her story. She didn't like another story in the same genre and ended up writing that maybe she shouldn't be writing the book because she hated that that book was so popular... My thoughts on said book aside, she got so hung up on what someone else wrote that she forgot completely to think about what she should write...

I think that, were I to think back a bit, there are very few blocks that I couldn't avoid. But now I also understand why the number one piece of advise you get when trying to crack writer's block is to not stop writing. I should have been able to work out my problem weeks ago, but didn't, simply because I was staring myself into a wall. A short term block became a long term block when I fell out of the habit of writing.

I really should bookmark this post for my own future reference. ;-P

PS a special thank you goes out to my bestest best friend Theresa for being my first follower. Love ya bud.


  1. You know I'll follow where you go and read what you write. Maybe one day edit and translate for publishing, who knows?

  2. That sounds awesome! Will let you know when I'm done. Incidentally I'm a quarter way through my western, so the day may come soon... :-)


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