Friday, August 20, 2010

Procrasternation (sorry if my writing is odd, but I'm on my blackberry)

Ah, the writer's constant companion. I wonder why that is.

I completely understand if you delay something you hate to do. But what about writing?

I'm brilliant at not writing. If I do it right, I can not write for days.

I have heard it said that writers procrasternate due to fear of failing. Isn't that strange? After all, we don't get tested until submission and we have months to fix whatever we wrote badly before having to submit it. Still, it seems to be a common factor.

I fall in a totally different category. I'm afraid of starting. Can you believe it?

I hate when I have to start new passages, because usually I have no idea where to start. I spend hours contemplating this until I get fed up and write the first thing that occurs to me. Before I realize what's happening, words flood onto the page and I finish pages of writing (25 typed pages yesterday).

Productivity like that always makes me wonder why I struggled in the first place.

I also wonder how many people lose the will to write simply because they keep saying that they'll write tomorrow.

Maybe I am one of a lucky few that have an insistant muse that keep nagging until I write - today. Still, sometimes I ignore her so much that she just ups and leaves when I want to write.

Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts on the issue. And now... I want have to catch up on the hours of study time I spent writing. Feel the burn...

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  1. I feel that way about beginnings too sometimes. The ending of a passage feels wonderful, like I've accomplished something.

    Then I have to think of something else...


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