Friday, April 29, 2016

Update Day Camp NaNo Edition

If you’re here for the A to Z Challenge, click here to go to my Y post.

But today is the last Friday of the month, which means it’s update day for my Five Year Project bloghop. For those of you who don’t know, I host a monthly bloghop with Beth Fred, where a bunch of us set huge/crazy/very important goals. Then we update on the last Friday of the month for a bit of accountability and encouragement. To sign up, please list your big goal (not your name or your blog’s name.)

Right. So let’s look at what I got done.

 Goals for April:


1) I signed up for CampNaNoWriMo in April, with the goal set at 60k words.
I’m currently at just over 51k words. But I’ve been pulling off Saturdays where I write/edit 7k words, so it’s still within reach.

2) Revisions to Wo6C3 (In case I don’t get them done this week, which I might not.)

3) Rough edits to ES1 using critique partner feed-back.

4) Add 10k words to BvB2.
I wrote less than 10k here, but I did finish the rough draft.

5) Revisions to O1.
Busy with this, but I won’t be done until next month.

6) Start rewriting SS1
Still not, although I plan to prep SS1 tomorrow.

7) Prep rewrite for VD

8) Work on CdW concept.
This neither.

9) Add 5k words to StW.
Done. I also realized that this one will be book 1 in a trilogy, so in future I’ll be referring to it as StW1.

10) See if I can do more than 60k this month.
I don’t know if this’ll happen. Although I might manage to get a few more words in.


Since I’ve got some huge goals up on the writing side, I won’t be putting too much of a priority on this, but if I can:

Read 6 books.
I read 2.

Read a few chapters of Les Trois Mousquetaires.

Networking and Marketing

1) Send out any out-standing posts for the Endless blog tour.
*Sigh* I’ll have to do this on Sunday and Monday. I just didn’t have the time. But I’ve got everything sent out until May 13th.

2) Visit at least 25 blogs every day for the A to Z Challenge.
Nope. My average was a bit less than half that.

3) Regular updates on Social Networks.
Mostly yes. Although I might skip my Wattpad posts today in order to maximize writing time. I WILL hit 60k before this month is out.

4) Update Amazon’s Author Profiles


1) Find and maintain a balance between work/writing/life.
Better, but not where I want it to be.

2) Cut out refined carbs.
Life really conspired against me on this one. And probably will continue to do so next month.

3) Continue vocal training.
I didn’t get to a single lesson thanks to my job. See point #1.

4) Go jogging at least once a week.

Overall, I actually got a huge amount done, but I have to say pulling off 50k words so far along with crazy work hours did give my energy levels a knock. Luckily work is supposed to calm down some for at least a few weeks.

Not that I’ll be kicking back and relaxing much…

Goals for May:

1) 60k words written, 60 hours spent on edits or some combination.
2) Find Crit Partners for Wo6C3. Any takers? It’s book 3 in The War of Six Crowns…
3) Wo6C3 rough edits.
4) Edit ES1.
5) Prep BvB2 rewrite.
6) Finish Revisions to O1.
7) Rewrite SS1. (Yep. This one’ll be sticking around for a while, I suspect.)
8) Add 10k words to StW1.
9) Work on CdW concept.
10) Start Sci Fi project. (Acronym still forthcoming.)
11) Edit Untethered Realms Anthology short story.


Read 6 books.
Read some chapters of Les Trois Mousquetaires.

Networking and Marketing:

1) Get through blog tour for Endless.
2) Regular updates to social networks.


1) Find and maintain a balance between work, writing and life.
2) Find an exercise that I actually can do without the weather getting in the way. Balance is one thing. But let me just say that jogging just won’t happen if it’s cold and raining, and the wind blows hard enough to topple a link truck.

How about you? How are your goals going? 


  1. Misha, with everything you have on your plate, I don't how you would find balance... I am tired just reading what you have to do... kudos to you xox

  2. I signed up for Camp NaNo and forgot to do it. Super dork!

  3. That sure is a lot of goals so I think what you've accomplished is impressive! I never get around to as many A to Z blogs as I'd like.

  4. Your goal lists are always very impressive to me. I'm such a slacker in comparison. :)

    Best of luck getting over that Camp NaNo finish line! And with all your other goals.

  5. Looks like you've managed to get your goals back on track! Congratulations!

  6. Misha, you are doing a lot. Compared to your goals mine are really tiny :(

  7. Looks like you rocked about half of those goals. Great job!


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