Thursday, April 14, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Lifespans

In Home, I shared a moment between Luc and Aleria, but their relationship has a major problem...

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About the Book

First, do no harm.” Blake Ryan swore that oath to become a doctor. Ironic, given that he spent most of his thousand year life sucking souls out of other immortals.

Things are different now. Using regular shots of morphine to keep his inner monster at bay, Ryan has led a quiet life since the Second World War. His thrills now come from saving lives, not taking them.

Until a plane crash brings Aleria into his hospital. Her life is vibrant. Crack to predators like him. She’s the exact sort of person they would hunt, and thanks to a severe case of amnesia, she’s all but defenseless.

Leaving Aleria vulnerable isn’t an option, but protecting her means unleashing his own inner monster. Which is a problem, because his inner monster wants her dead most of all.

Coming out on 30 April

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  1. Rebirth sucks when romance gets in the mix. Sigh.

  2. Yep. That would be a major problem all right.

  3. Hi Misha! I love this excerpt. It's so tragically romantic. Sometimes I really want Aleria and Luc to hook up :)

  4. A difference in lifespans would definitely be an issue. Fortunately, not something most of us have to deal with :-)

    Cheers - Ellen |

  5. Soul suckers... they put a damper on life. Frightening, Misha.

  6. That's definitely a problem. So sad :(

  7. Oh no!!This is nail biting stuff.

  8. I'm not sure I understand. Aren't they in the same place now?

  9. It looks as if he has a battle with himself to deal with. Interesting to find out which part wins in the end.

  10. I love the ironic not harm;) Very neat:)

  11. J here, of the #atozchallenge Arlee Bird's A to Z Ambassador Team.
    How has the challenge been going for you so far? Are you meeting your goals of posting and hopping to other blogs? M= 1/2 way point!
    My blog's giveaway is still going! I'm encouraging everyone to visit more stops.
    Excellent! It's going to be a great read.

  12. The cover is awesome. Shots of morphine gets my attention. About 21 years ago I had a bone infection in my foot, the wound was open, I had a mainline IV for antibiotics, and I had to have shots of morphine to change the dressing. Amazing and unforgettable stuff.

    Shelly @

  13. Definitely sounds like an interesting and unique read!


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