Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time flies, whether I have fun or not.

Part of me is kind of freaked about this.

I remember when seconds lasted an eternity while doing things I don't particularly enjoy.

And yet, economics flew by.

Tomorrow will be my last course session. Monday will be my last class. It went by much faster than I thought it would.

Maybe it's because I didn't take classes until this semester. Or maybe it's because I've grudgingly started to enjoy it again.

So much so that I won't rule out coming back for Honors. Just. Not. Next year.

The thing is, as much as I enjoy it, I don't appreciate the way it is marked or handled. Nor do I or will I ever respect the way that the students are handled.

I'm truly hoping that this will be the last time I ever write a 3rd year economics exam.

Please think of me while I prepare for the home stretch. I'm writing on 31 October. Yep. Halloween. Not planning to dress up or anything, but who knows? Maybe I'll come back as a graduate. ;-)


  1. I better see a picture of you in cap and gown. :)

    Good luck.

  2. Just do the best that you possibly can Misha. It will have to be good enough. But I mean it when I say that. Don't shirk for an instant and give it 100% of everything you got. I think that if you do this you will be happier with yourself no matter what the result.

  3. Good luck Misha! Get your wig hat on and go for it!

  4. Awwww. It'd be kinda fun to wear a costume during an exam. Take your mind off your nerves maybe.

    Do your best!

  5. Ha! Best of luck to you! You'll make it out alive!

  6. You will do amazing! Good luck on the exams.

  7. Best of luck! But i have a feeling you don't need it..:) You will do just fine Misha..:):)

  8. Good luck, Misha! You'll have to post your paper on Halloween on your blog! Sounds fun. :)

  9. I'd say a break is nice, but sometimes doing the next class while it's still fresh is a good thing. Anyway, GOOD LUCK!

  10. Great Day Ahead,
    Good Luck
    May God Bless
    Our Prayers


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