Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

When I woke up this morning, the first news I got was about Steve Jobs passing away. It's so sad to me, that such a great mind and heart would go so soon, so I thought I'd post his 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech as a tribute.

I can't really say much more. How could I, when he says it so well?


  1. Steve Jobs departure is a great lose to the web community and in particulat to the Apple team.
    Indeed a grea personality did wonders in the field of computers.
    Thnanks for posting this Tribute
    Best regards
    PS: Thanks again for joining in.
    Keep posting, keep inform

  2. I'll post what I put up on Twitter that I got from a friend since she said it so much better than I: " RIP Steve Jobs. Thank you for thinking outside the box. Thank you for showing a new way to use the box. Thank you."

  3. Una gran pérdida de una buena persona, pero ssí es la vida amiga Misha, se nace, se vive y se muere,
    feliz semana.
    un abrazo.

  4. Yeah, my hubby the techie was in total shock too. Me, I was like, "Who?" Good thing I've got an accomplice in crime who actually pays attention to what's happening in the world so I can just write.

  5. Oh so sad. He was a titan amongst people. I was so surprised to find out just how much he has done for the human race. I own so many Apple products. I even learned about his death from my Apple iPad. He was still young too (in my opinion).

  6. Steve Jobs is one that leaves a "gone too soon" feel in the wake of his death. But I'm glad that before reaching his end, he truly LIVED.

  7. Sorry you have left us, Steve. We will certainly miss you!

  8. Hi Misha,
    Steve Jobs, one of the most influential men over the past twenty years.
    Many facets of our modern communication were a direct result of his innovative technology.
    He will be very much missed.
    Take care Misha and happy writing,


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