Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It's official.

My muse is just plain contrary.

I decided to take a break from Doorways and started working on Guardian. As soon as I finished writing the scene I wanted... The plot outline occurred to me, weaving James and Ward's story back into the plot as I intended all along.

I must say that I am thrilled by this. But why couldn't I just have done it while I was still in the "strike while the iron is hot"  mood?

That said, I might take a break from writing in general for a short while. Maybe just until January.

Even though I've been quite productive these past few days, it feels as if I'm wringing my already over wrung mind for whatever ideas I might have left. It's just not a fun feeling to have. Especially not when I'm doing something that I love.

I actually had a headache after I wrote only 1000 words.

Maybe I shouldn't push myself. But as I said. Now that I am contemplating taking a break, I feel that draw. That intense desire to sit down and start crafting a story. Whether it's an old one or a new one.

So I want to write. I really do. So why then do I feel such a resistance when I am writing?

Have any of you experienced something similar?


  1. Write when it feels good. If it doesn't feel good take some time off and just imagine, after all imagination is the key to good fiction.

  2. I wish I had some advice for you. I am also feeling some writing jitters for some reason and it's one of those annoying tight rope walks where I feel guilty for not writing, but once I open the document I can't put any quality words down.

    I think Al has a point ... if it doesn't feel good to write, perhaps it is time to let the desire to write fester for a while.

  3. Yes write when the muse takes you and always have a notebook by you. Computer glare might be the cause of your headache rather than the writing :O)

  4. Everyone’s entitled to a break now and then, Misha. Madeleine’s right, keep a notebook with you, and grab any ideas when they come.

  5. Thanks so much for the great tips!

    Al you are right. It's no use to write when I'm not enjoying it. I'm just putting down some sub-standard words.

    Tracy that's one of those words I've been looking for. Guilt. I feel bad about not writing. Not because I love it (which I do, but that's besides the point), but rather because I feel guilty when I don't write. Can't be healthy, can it?

    Lol Madeleine I love notebooks. I wrote my entire first draft of Doorways on them. Maybe I'm out of practice. ;-P

    Good idea Blogger. I should just relax and wait for the ideas to fly by. :-)

  6. Constantly! My muse is down for the holidays, and although that tug is there, it isn't distracting me from family preparations for the holidays. January will be a good writing month, no matter what!

    Best of luck with your projects!! Happy Holidays!

  7. The more resistance and inner tension you have, the more you're going to create. If you relax and stop stressing or worrying about it, you'll find it feels a lot less like being tugged around and a lot more like being offered a variety plate of sweets to choose from.

    Easier said than done, I know. :)

  8. I think this is a pretty common thing for writers. Often when I really want to write I find that I can't, and when I don't feel like it or don't have the time I'm full of ideas.

    I would say that for now just storylining might be the best thing. Just play around with the characters and plot. You don't have to write any of it, so it doesn't matter how strange it gets. It will get your creative juices working until you can actually sit down and write without too much challenge.

    I like to throw my characters into other worlds and see how they would react. Or take some event that you've already written and think what would happen if things went the opposite way (they chose Door 2 instead of Door 1!)

  9. YES! I've definitely had a block of some sort the past couple of months. I switched to a new story and now I've switched back. I'm feeling more motivated again! Yay! Maybe there was just something about that time of year. Maybe just knowing so many people were doing the huge Nano thing just wiped me out mentally, or just intimidated me into a writing block frenzy. Whatever the problem, I think I'm through it! I wish you luck in not only feeling motivated but productive again soon! Thanks for your comments on our blog! christy

  10. A muse is a fickle friend, for serious! I know exactly what you mean.

    Although in regards to the headache, do you think that you may just be clenching your teeth? I do it unconsciously sometimes, especially when I'm stressed. Writing is amazing, but it stresses me out sometimes--that may be the cause!

  11. Hi Misha,
    You really must do what truly feels right. If you force your writing, than it does not have the natural flow you would desire.
    You must never feel obliged or put yourself under pressure. Luckily, for me, I never have such issues. I write purely for therapeutic reasons. I enjoy writing. If it became a chore, I would take a break.
    In peace and kindness, Gary:-)

  12. Don't feel bad for taking a break. I think writing is a bit different than other jobs. In essence, your mind is ALWAYS writing. It's not 9-5; you can't punch out, go home, and relax.

    Just take some time away. Forcing yourself to write will sometimes make it hard, too :) write when it feels right! Don't pressure yourself or stress yourself out about it. It's supposed to be fun! Don't make it a chore :D

  13. Sometimes taking a break is the best thing to do for you and your muse. Your brain is a tool and it gets worn if you try and do too much with it at once.

    Taking a break for the holidays is a good idea. Like Jessica said, you don't want to make writing a chore. :P That'd suck all the joy out of being a writer, and we certainly don't want that!

  14. Nicole, that's true for me too. I realize that there are other things for me to do. Maybe I should just take a writing break until January.

    Thanks Nevets. You always give me the most awesome advice. Now I just need to chill... *Breathes in... Breathes out...* ;-)

    Sticky those are great ideas. I'll definitely play with my characters some more. Thanks. :-)

    Christy I find that the biggest problem with my writing and the thing that gives me the most writer's blocks is perspective issues. Small niggles turn into huge plot problems. Rewriting turns into some insurmountable mountain of words. Never mind that I've already written everything I need. Still don't know if taking a break is good for writer's block though. Bleh. Anyway. I enjoy reading your blog and that's why I enjoy commenting on your posts. :-)

    You know Shayda, I think you have something there. When I write against resistance, I clench my jaw to concentrate. So my headache might be more of a face ache than anything else... (Mental note: get a stress ball.) ;-P

    Hey Gary. Writing can really be therapeutic, but not if I force it. I know exactly what you mean about the flow of the story. I see it in my writing right now.

    Thanks Jessica that is very true. Except at this stage it feels as if my mind refuses to go there at all at this stage. Frankly it has me more than a little worried.

    Devin I think that is what happened. Exams etc. might have worn me out for some reason and my trying to force my mind to do something like this is not helping me get better. Maybe. :-/


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