Saturday, December 18, 2010

Po-TAY-to Po-TAH-to. SA-lary PIT-tance

Sigh. You know, for all my promises of regularity, I really am being pathetic at it.

Time really flies when you're doing... nothing.

I'm serious. The whole time, I considered getting my butt moving, but by the time it came to serious consideration, it was night.

The one thing worth mentioning is the job interview.

It went well.

Really well.

They offered me the job.

But I was laughing so hard at the salary they offered me that I didn't get round to posting about it.

I mean. An eight hour (or more) shift. At night. Managing a restaurant that for all intents and purposes were blown out of the water by the previous manager. All the stresses associated with turning the place around...

For R2000 per month. That's roughly $285. In South Africa, it's below the minimum wage for waitrons. For a managerial post, I'd have been insane to take it. In fact I think the restaurant owners were either nuts or desperate when they made an offer - given that I made it abundantly clear that I wanted to pay at least a portion of my tuition next year. Plus rent. 

Goes to show you. Humans, for all of their eccentricities and quirks, might in reality just be fundamentally stupid. I hope that that's the case. Otherwise my mind would go to more sinister conclusions. After all. I'm young. They might have had exploitation in mind.  And I really (for all my cynicism) really want to believe in people. 

But exploitation or no. With or without the idiocy/insanity that arguably makes us all human. Offering the one person who had been willing to come to their rescue next to nothing a few hours before they really needed that person.... Not even remotely smart.

Anyway... I have a thought skittering through my brain about the restaurant. But I'm still deciding whether I'm insane enough to give it any attention.

But I know that something good is waiting just around the corner from me. I just need to be patient...

What's going on in your life?


  1. Patience is so much easier said than done though, isn’t? Keep believing, you will find that right job! :)

  2. That's way weird. Sometimes I think OTHER people assume you're stupid. "She's desperate for a job to pay these things, she'll work for any salary, right?" UHH, I don't think so.

    Something perfect is definitely waiting for you!

    Nothing's really happening with my life. I'm on break from school, no job. I've only been writing and writing and writing. Which is good times so I can't complain :)

  3. Dear Misha,
    Perseverance is the key. No doubt, the job you want, may soon be within your grasp.
    And these "promises of regularity", please remember to not pressurise yourself. When you are here, I will try to be here.
    In peace, Gary :-)

  4. How silly of those restaurant owners. At least they realize now that you're not someone they can trick. (Still kinda dumb of them though... At least make it minimum, right?)

    The good old saying: Patience is a Virtue is in play here~ I bet you'll get an awesome job soon.

    I had a few job interviews recently, too. I'm still waiting for a response though. In the mean time it's write-write-write.

    Good luck on the job front!

  5. Don't give up hope! There is a job out there for you just waiting for you to apply to it :) Keep your head up! As for me I'm just working and worrying about money. Meh :/

  6. Patience is so over-rated, Blogger. But somehow everyone always expects of others to be patient. Just doesn't make sense. :-P

    Jessica that is a possibility. For some reason people tend to believe that I am a) an airhead or b) a softy. Wrong. Oh so very very wrong. Another thing about people I have come to believe: around 70% or more of them are pathetic judges of character.

    Thanks so much Gary. I always feel do bad when I don't post when I said I will. You made me feel lots better.

    Hey Devin welcome to my blog. :-) Patience always is the thing. But my word I suffer with it. Good luck both with the writing and the job!

    I totally agree with you Vanora. I just need to keep looking until I find the dream job. You're lucky to be worrying about money. You (unlike me) have money to worry about. ;-P Hope the cheques balance for you.


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