Monday, January 2, 2017

Update Day: New Year, New Goals

Hey everyone!

This is my Update Day post for the Got Goals? Bloghop. Same bloghop as the one you've been seeing on the last Friday of every month, but now with a new (extra) name and button. For those of you wondering what this is about, a bunch of us set some crazy, huge or crazy important goals, and to keep ourselves motivated, we post monthly updates and encourage each other.

As I mentioned, we usually post the updates on the last Friday of the month, but we made an exception for December's post in order to give everyone time.

I'm doing things a little differently, by recording a vlog with my goals, and not really looking at my progress for December. (Sensible, because there was very little progress made after I decided to give myself a break.) 

Do you set goals in January? How did your goals go last year?


  1. I set a series of goals every January to be accomplished by the end of the year. I'm in a nasty pattern of failing to do that, but perhaps this year will be the year I turn it all around.

    Happy New Year, and best of luck with your goals, Misha!

  2. I set goals but not necessarily in January. I make them whenever it strikes me... I'm working on getting my heath back.

    Good luck with all your goals Misha ♡

  3. I've written down all of my goals that I plan on accomplishing for this year. I wrote them in my notebook and plan on updating my blog with those goals sometime this week. I want to even try again with some goals that I didn't complete last year.

    Good luck with your goal! Here is to 365 new chances/beginnings!

  4. I try to make goals but I tend to not make them *too* specific, although since that's never really worked in the past, I think I may need to change the way I go about things. Maybe.
    Happy New Year and good luck with your goals!

  5. My goals are way less ambitious than yours! Third novel drafted in 2016 - check! Get it published in 2017 - that's the plan :) Simple, no?

    All the best for the coming year, Misha.

  6. I changed my goal to writing 30,000 words a month. While I didn't do it in December. I had a good time with my under 20,000 word count and plan to continue to writing happier and dropping what I'm not truly interested in. All the best with your plans for 2017 Misha and you have a nice voice. :)

  7. Happy New Year, Misha. Good luck with your goals. I really like your video clips.

  8. I appreciate the blog hop. You really keep me on track.
    Good luck with learning the new art skill.
    Yay for publishing two more books!
    Ah yes, so many things in life to do... always like that. And it's crazy how much publishing has changed in the last 20 years!
    LOL-- two lovely hands.
    Joy for all sounds great.


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