Saturday, January 28, 2017

Update Day: January is Over

Today is the last Friday of the month, which means it's time for another Big Goals Update. For those of you wondering, fifteen of us have set some crazy or crazy important goals, and we update once a month on the last Friday, sharing our progress and encouragements.

You're welcome to sign up, if you want. Just fill in what you would like to achieve, and then write a post today, or the next last Friday of the month. 

So how did I do? 

My goals for January were mostly loose-form. I basically wanted to write every day, finish overhauling my published books, do regular social network updates, and make $500. 

I didn't achieve four of those goals. 

Mainly, though, because the one I did reach was a doozy. 

To illustrate:

The line graph is my monthly income goal. The bar graph beneath is the amount I've generated in a given month. 

To put that into perspective, each bar corresponds to the amount of income I've generated in every month since September. And in January, I more than doubled my previous record. And I basically did that in fourteen days. 

Which is why my writing graph looks like this: 

Womp womp womp. 

Started off very well, with me actually breaking my daily writing record by writing 10k words. In fact, I started off so well that I was convinced that I could write 100k words in But that was before the jobs started coming in. 

I hadn't expected my work-load to grow like it did, so I didn't plan accordingly, and in the end, my writing went stagnant. 

That said, I think I can get more done with proper planning. 

Which brings me to my next point. 

Goals for February

I have various goals that need to get done this year, but for this coming month, at least, I want to continue with my writing and income goals. 


I'm going to share first priority between writing 100k words (or close to it) and earning $1000 in income in a month. 

I realize that both of these are actually crazy big goals, but that's why I'm picking them. They make me reach. 

More than that, I actually think I can make it. 

It's all in my planning. 

So the short term plan for now is to figure out a structure that will actually help me get both done. 

How are you doing? Did you set goals? 


  1. I think that we always need to dream big and keep working on those dreams... xox

  2. I love that feeling when you set a goal you're determined to achieve. Of course, achieving it is always an even better feeling! Best of luck!

  3. That is fantastic, Misha. So pleased for you. Well done. Hope your paying work continues to take off AND you find time for your writing. Getting the balance right is going to be difficult... but I'm sure it will even itself out eventually.

  4. I had expected to blog a little more, and do a lot of editing, and write at least one short story for publication.

    Well, I visited a few blogger friends throughout the month :)

  5. It's always nice to have money coming in, but yeah—it can be hard to find a good balance.

    I'm doing all right with some of my goals—but none of my writing ones. Perhaps February will be better. :)

  6. If I could earn 7500 a month, I'd be able to buy a lot more coffee, and then I'd be bouncing happily off the walls every day. :) 10k words is very impressive, good for you! My goal for this month was to read my writing at an open mic night, and I did! It went well.

  7. I believe you can do it. Or, at the very least, come close. It's hard juggling writing with other jobs. Good luck!

  8. Congrats on what you achieved this month Misha. Yes when the jobs pour in personal writing counts get affected. But always remember that writing comes in many forms and that getting the job done is always a good thing.

  9. Congratulations! You're doing fantastically. Keep on pushing forward! :)

  10. Money coming is like Alex said, is always good. Regardless of the money, but I understand what you're saying. I'm sure you will reach your goals just fine because you seem to be doing just fine!

    My goals for January were moving along well. I hope to have even more accomplished for next month!

  11. Reach for the moon, fall among the stars... some quote like that. ;)
    Way to go on hitting the money goal.


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