Friday, August 21, 2015

Interview with Taryn Tyler

Hi all! Today, I have Taryn Tyler over for an interview. (Questions are in Bold.)

Welcome to The Five Year Project! First thing first, please do tell us a bit more about yourself. 

I daydream a lot, drink too much tea, and usually wear a hat. 

I'm also a lover of tea, although that said, it's actually rooibos tea and therefore not tea at all... What got you to start writing?

When I was thirteen my friends and I started a monthly newsletter called "The Friendship Times". At first it had mostly 'articles' about our Jr. High lives and maybe part of one or two stories but by the time we reached High School it was a weekly publication of six or seven novels being written in serial format. We changed the name to "Knights of the Page" and invited more people to submit. We even made the font smaller so we could fit more in each edition. It was crazy fun and I haven't stopped writing since. 

That sounds like a lot of fun. What's your favorite part to writing and why?

The things that I discover about myself and the world that I never knew I knew until I'm reading what I wrote.

I love that about writing too. Tell us a bit more about your newest story. What's it about?

WHITE HART is about Sir Gawain's first (well technically second) journey to Camelot and how he becomes a knight. He is pretty uncertain about he is going to be accepted at Camelot because his family just lost a war with King Arthur. Not really the best way to start off your career! 

No indeed not. What inspired you to write White Hart?

Gawain has always been my favorite knight, I like him because even though he's not pure of heart like Galahad or super suave like Lancelot he's not afraid to jump in and make a mistake. And boy does he make a lot of them! It's also always resonated with me that he comes from a big family that he cares about a lot even when they make really bad choices about who to side with. It makes for a lot of interesting gray area and I wanted to make sure his story was told from the beginning. 

He's my favorite too! It's always sad to me that almost no one knows who he is. What's the biggest lesson you've learned from writing White Hart?

That nobody is perfect and sometimes when you spend too much time chasing an ideal you miss the point. 

That's such a beautiful lesson to learn. What's your best advice for new writers?

Read. Write. Don't give up.

Very true. Not giving up is the essence of success. Where can people find you online?

My blog
My Facebook Author Page
And Goodreads

Awesome. Thanks for visiting and all the best with your new book! 

Gawain of Orkney has not been to Camelot since before his father led a rebellion against King Arthur. Now that the war is over Gawain is sent to attend Arthur's wedding as a token of peace. 

The night of the wedding Arthur bids Gawain to hunt a white hart -- a beautiful deer of unearthly purity. Gawain accepts the quest but the dangers of the wilderness become hard to battle when he is bound by Arthur's new ideals of peace and trust. Gawain realizes he may not be so different from the knights of the old, violent ways of as he had imagined. 

Gawain does not have long to decide which life he wants to chase. Not all of the rebels put down their swords when his father did. The knights of the old ways are planning an assassination and even King Arthur may not survive this new idealistic trust.

Available Now on Amazon

Did you know who Sir Gawain is? Have you visited Taryn's blog before? What do you think of the cover?


  1. Congrats, Taryn! That's really cool your friends and you started that monthly newsletter and got into writing that way.

  2. Great read! Kinda makes me want to do something similar.

  3. Great read! Kinda makes me want to do something similar.

  4. Very cool about writing the newsletter as a teenager. I used to write a "neighborhood news" sort of paper when I was very young, too. Some of the neighbor ladies even paid me for it! (A whole nickel!)

    YES, I LOVE that cover. Reminds me of the cover of a very old book of fairy tales that used to belong to my grandfather.

  5. Congrats Taryn! Wishing you much success!!!!

  6. Always fun to learn indeed when the writing takes hold and we see where it takes us.

  7. Hi.
    Three questions:
    1 Do you know who Sir Gawain is?
    No never heard of him but I have now. Sounds like an interesting chap, a bit like me, full of mistakes but with a heart in the right place.
    2 Have you visited Taryn's blog before?
    Once again no but I'm thinking about following her now.
    3 What do you think of the cover?
    Interesting design. Obviously took a lot of fore thought and work. Well done, I like it.
    Now for you Misha, nice interview.
    Blessings from Joey's, Geoff.

  8. It was great reading about Taryn and her work. I know Gawain from my classic lit classes.

  9. Congratulations to Taryn! And what an interesting path into writing. I do know Sir Gawain, but mainly from White's The Once and Future King. Love the cover!

    VR Barkowski

  10. Your newsletter sounds like a super fun way to get into writing! And the book sounds great, too. Funny, I just watched Excalibur last night.

  11. Great interview Misha... I learned about Sir Gawain... he's more real... I like those kinds of characters... more dimension xox

  12. I lobe that Taryn got her start from writing a monthly newspaper with her friends. So cool! :) Her latest book sounds fabulous. I really like the texture of the cover.


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