Monday, August 24, 2015

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

I have today the great pleasure of announcing the coming of:

Realms Faire 2015

It is a Faire not only restricted to medieval themes, but to all times and themes. The organizers are still looking for participants in two events.

Do you want to battle an immortal? 

Or would you rather duel with other bards? 

Both still have spots open.

Then, we the organizers are looking for a wide variety of prizes and will be most grateful for your most gracious offerings.

Perhaps you only want to watch the fun. (Or you missed entering one of the challenges.) 

That's wonderful too. There is nothing as fun as having an audience, and all are welcome to spectate the spectacle. We also have a variety of open games:

Hall of Doors
Riddle Me This
A Unicorn Hunt
The Hero's Dilemma
Who Roams Here
Stockade Brigade

All have prizes to be won and will be great fun. 

Remember This Date

For more information, to enter or to submit prizes, click here.

Who's in?

One last thing. Michael D'Agostino interviewed James from The War of Six Crowns today. I'd love it if you all came to say hi. 


  1. Huzzah! Can't wait for Realms Faire. It's going to be so much fun! :)

  2. This sounds like a ton of fun! Maybe I'll partake next year after my book is released. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm already competing in the Vortex!

  4. Hmm. Not sure if I want to enter or not, but it definitely looks like it will be fun. Just don't have anything to submit and would be unlikely to make something of high enough quality by then.

    Mildly related, I love those House Seals. I want more!

  5. I've signed up to be on Mary Weibel's blog and am looking forward to it!

  6. I am going to have fun watching, offering a prize, and posting on my blog. :D

  7. It sounds like a lot of fun. I can't wait to check it out:)

  8. Hey ho! The graphics for Realms just get better and better every year!

  9. I'm signed up for the faire! Can't wait.

  10. Sounds like all sorts of fun. I signed up for prizes. I'd like to see how it actually works then maybe next year participate.

  11. Just ordered The Vanished Knight:)

  12. I'm waving from the grand stands and tossing coins of the realm. Have fun.

  13. the realms faire is awesome! i wish i had time to participate, but i have offered prizes. huzzah!

  14. I love watching the Realms Faire! So much fun to see it all go down. :)

  15. This looks like great fun. :)

  16. Sounds exciting and sure to be loads of fun. I will enter next year, hopefully. I'm praying my book is ready to go by then.


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