Friday, January 31, 2014

Update Day

Hey all! Today's Update Day for my Big Dreams (or any one of a million things you want to call it) bloghop. Basically, if you have big dreams or hugely important goals for your writing, this is the place for you. Go here, if you still want to sign up. Or even if you want to see how the rest of us lunatics are doing.

Okay. So... January wasn't my most productive month. I only wrote about 6000 words.

I did, however finish a short story I'm going to send to the Untethered Realms anthology. And I'm pretty dang close to finishing edits to Birds vs Bastards. So close, that I'm probably going to start querying before the end of February.

Of course, as the year develops, so do my writing goals.

My timeline now looks like this:

With my editor gone, The Heir's Choice (War of Six Crowns Book 2) is in limbo while I wait for the publishing house to find a replacement. Which means that Book 3 also has to wait. Honestly, this is breaking my heart. I'm dying to get back into that story.

In the meantime, I need to get some of my other projects done. That way I can focus on the Wo6C series once I have an editor again. I also need to keep busy while I query BvB.

That's why I moved up one of the rewrites and why I'll be drafting as well in February.

Also, researching the Afrikaans story is turning into a pain in my ass. (As any research would if all you get is "They were glorious." and crap like that. Oh and if my local library employees give me empty stares when I say I need something for research. Want me to find it myself? THEN MAKE SENSE IN YOUR SHELVING!!! Stick up markers so we know what goes where. ANYTHING!!! Sigh. I hate useless people.) Ahem. Point is I basically lost a whole month out of my already short schedule trying to get the books I need for research. Which means that I don't know if I'll manage to write the story by September (never mind edits). Not giving up on it, but it's now lowest priority and stuck on "research/conception" until such a time that it's actually realistic for me to even consider writing the damn thing. I'm going to stop here, but expect a post on this in the near future. But let me just say I now know why NO ONE seems to write about this time period anymore. (One book in the past ten years.)


This month I want to:

1) Add words to at least one of my running rough drafts.
2) Rewrite my western romance.
3) Research my Afrikaans story.
4) Put together an agent list for Birds vs Bastards.
5) Finish edits to Birds vs Bastards.
6) Query some agents.

Tell me you're getting along better with your goals than I am. Please.


  1. How unlike a librarian to give you a blank stare... well, most librarians I guess. Working at the library makes me biased I guess. Most of them go ovet the top to help but there are always a few bad apples... Chees!

  2. You have a busy month ahead of you good luck.

  3. You are so ambitious Misha. Good luck.

  4. Sometimes we have to adjust our scheduled. At least you have enough to fill all the slots.

  5. I'm dragging my ass back to update, and wow yo are busy. I read earlier about your editor leaving and about you querying for a shorter book (45k). Hope you get a bite. It had a great hook. X

  6. I read your goals and am exhausted. So, if you think you aren't doing enough, I would rethink that idea. Sometimes we need to go a little easier on ourselves. (And other times we need to give ourselves a kick in the rear, but I don't think this is one of YOUR times.) Revisions and edits don't give you a word count, so you don't see your success like you do when you're still writing. BUT, it is the time when your story becomes great, so give yourself credit for that.

    Let's try this. Misha, turn around. Do you feel that? It is me patting you on the back for a job well done.


  7. You sound like you've actually been really busy, and your January was certainly more productive than mine!


  8. Research can be a pain, as I know from the research I'm having to do for Kirinia (my WIP). My local library has about 3 books on ancient Rome that might be relevant, the books I find on are all out of my price range, and the internet is of limited use for research.
    So I hope your researching goes well....

  9. No, I haven't done much better getting things struck off my to do list. Love the title Birds Vs. Bastards. Very catchy!

    And not to brag, but my library has an excellent librarian. ;)

  10. I'm a librarian and I wouldn't have given you an empty stare! It would have been fun to help with your research - I love questions like that.

    Your January was way more productive than mine.

  11. Good luck with your goals, Misha! And it sounds like they need better librarians there.

  12. Man you're busy! Good luck with your goals. I have to think up my goals and I'll join for next month :D I need to stay accountable!

  13. Good luck! You put me to shame with those goals. I want to do revise my superhero WIP in February, and I'm doing some critiquing for one of my CPs. Have a terrific weekend.

  14. I've been falling away as well. Sickness with my kids and me has kept a lot of goals from being met. I need to:
    1) Finish researching ghost stories in ohio.
    2) Write a short story.
    3) Edit a manuscript.
    4) Work on my wip.
    5) Wait to hear on short story sub.

  15. Sometimes writing isn't about the words on the page, but all the background stuff. Researching is still pushing you forward.

  16. This polar vortex the U.S. is getting hit with is really hindering my output. Bitter cold and gloom is not good writing weather for me. But now it's February, one month closer to spring. I can hardly wait for the warmth and sunshine.

    Good luck with your goals and research, Misha.

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  17. I've just visited my January goals - did better than I thought :) Good luck with yours :)
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  18. I think you're doing just fine with your goals. Just maintain, realistic, workable amounts that feel right to you. No pressure and continue to feel inspired.

    Gary :)

  19. A great list... best of luck in doing everything:)

  20. Sounds like you have as many projects going on as i do. lol I'm buried right now.
    Hope they find you a new editor soon! :) Good luck with everything!

  21. One of the frustrations with traditional publishing is working with the publishers -- but it's also the most rewarding. I still have no idea when my next novella will be released; we haven't even started edits on it. I lost my editor too, and she was incredible. Onward and upward, right?

  22. 6000 words is way better than my 2500 words.

  23. You are so busy and organized. I have trouble working on more than one at once...that and I'm just slow... I read your query in the last post and I think it ROCKS!! Good luck with everything you do! (If you have a chance, drop by my blog for a link to free helpful stuff for authors.)

  24. Can't tell you I've been doing better. You're not doing so bad!

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  25. With all this activity you are really putting me to shame over here! I need to get my shiz together ;)


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