Thursday, September 22, 2011

One good reason why I write...

Hi all! I'm sort of winded now, after I wrote this post on TCoML. I was pretty much preaching to myself about how much I have to be thankful for and thought someone else might find value in it. So feel free to check it out. :-)

As for my writing... I'm pretty frustrated right now. Which might or might not be the cause of my funk that made it necessary for me to write the above post.

See, if I EVER needed a reminder as to why I have to write every day, all I had to do is to prevent myself from writing when I really really want to. For example, by oversleeping twice in a row. >_<

My whole world outlook changes, because I can't just recycle my more bleak thoughts and emotions into writing.

I really HATE having a black rainy cloud of doom and gloom spoiling my day, so I become cranky.

So cranky, in fact that I swear the contact of air against my skin grates my nerves.

Know the feeling?

Now, I'm never quite without that outlook I mentioned, but when I write, I work through it all and give my weird and very twisted sense of humor a chance to kick in. If I don't, things just build up and they don't look so funny any more.

What to do?

Well... first, Doc G prescribes an hour of singing, followed by hours of wild literary abandon, either in her own book or someone else's. So that's what I'll do.

Does not writing make you cranky too? How do you deal with it when you absolutely cannot write?


  1. The single best way to get me in a bad mood is to do something that prevents me from writing when I want to. That's why I hate having to take breaks if I'm pushing myself too hard; it feels like I'm being punished instead of resting.

  2. I feel like there's an alien in me that needs to get out. Or I have an itch so deep inside that nothing I do except writing can touch it.

  3. Not writing makes me feel like I'm not myself. I went months without writing recently, not because I didn't want to, but because the words just weren't there. It was painful.

  4. Just like you, I use writing to deal with bleeding emotions. But sometimes I hide from it as well, especially if it's stressing me out. These are the times that I read non-stop, then tell myself I'm actually learning something.

  5. Escribir para sentir la emoción
    y la magia de las palabras.
    un abrazo.

  6. Cranky? Ah yeah, no one in their right mind would stop me from writing everyday! lol. When I'm not my giggly self, I get a laptop shoved at me, "Write and come back when you're happy again."
    Screams addiction... don't it?

  7. Sure. I think we can follow the moods of our characters or their moods can follow us the rest of the day.

    Frustration comes when the chapter/passage/scene is not sitting right.

  8. Yes, not writing makes me cranky, too. What I do, is jot stuff down in my tablet even if it's a word.

  9. After writing a great deal of non-fiction lately, I can tell my poor muse is more than a little poed at me. I keep a spare notepad open to jot down the occasional sentence the muse throws at me to try and lure me into writing. I keep promising myself a whole day on the weekend to write...I should probably stop guessing why I'm so cranky during the week because that day of writing never seems to happen under the guilt of other more important things that need doing.

  10. I don't force myself to write. If I'm not feeling it, I watch t.v., or read, or go work out at the gym.

  11. SUPER cranky. My poor kids. And husband. I almost always want to write, but there are so many chores or other responsibilities that have to come first. Darn life.

    P.S. I want to hear more about this musical you're editing. =)

  12. I definitely get cranky. If I really can't write for whatever reason, I deal with it by doing something else creative--it isn't exactly writing, but it's a substitute for a while.

  13. No, not writing doesn't make me cranky. There is always so much to do...but I do make time to write whenever I can fit it in. For me it's a priority, just not the top priority

  14. Absolutely. Internally cranky at least, like something's missing and wrong. ;o)

  15. It depends. If I desperately need the break then not writing makes me pretty happy, and I find time to catch up on other things on my to-do list.

    But if everything is going fine, and I suddenly find that I am unable to write due to other obligations or a screaming 13-month-old, then yeah, I get super cranky.

  16. Love the thought of wild literary abandon!

    And I suppose I get as frustrated by finding myself blocked in my writing as I do by being unable to find the time to write. Though I have found the solution to the latter problem is to sacrifice sleep, which works for a while at least...


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