Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm at Fabulosity Reads today

Hi all! Today I am at Fabulosity Reads, a blog belonging to one of my few blogging compatriots, Wendy Ewurum.

I wrote about the challenges I face as a writer in South Africa and what I do to beat them, so if you're interested (or not even really and want to support me), please head on over to say hi.



  1. Great post you did over there. I left a comment.

  2. Hi Misha! I'm heading over to check it out now! :)

  3. Misha, I didn't realize you were in South Africa. That's awesome. Can I email you sometime?

  4. Of course I'm interested. I'll head on over there! When you get a chance, I have something for you on my blog.

  5. That was interesting. It is amazing what we can now do thanks to technology.

  6. I just dropped by the post and left a comment. It's a thought provoking post.


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