Sunday, September 11, 2011


I'm sitting here, watching the real time replay of the 9/11 attacks.

Needless to say I'm typing this bawling.

I remember that from the start, I just knew that it wasn't an accident. How when I saw the second crash, no one believed what I saw. Everyone watching the news with me just refused to believe what their own eyes told them. That someone was evil enough to orchestrate an event so evil that it changed the way we all live, the way we think.

Fact is that the 9/11 attacks didn't just change America. It changed us all.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those who were lost on that day and of the rest of us who lost our innocence.


  1. When I heard about the first plane, I thought it was an accident. But when I heard about the second plane, I knew it had to be deliberate. How bizarre that a group of people could hate us with such a passion that they were willing to end their own lives in order to kill some of ours. I just can't fathom hatred like that. Such a senseless act.

    My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected on this day ten years ago...

  2. I was working in a call center when the first plane struck the tower. That was a very memorable day at work.

  3. 9/11 is my birthday, which sucks. But I found your post interesting, because I'm in the US. Of course, it was a big deal here. I didn't realize it had such an impact on the rest of the world. I was under the impression that there are a lot of places where these kind of attacks happen with some amount of frequency.

  4. 9/11 was the first day I was ever a substitute teacher. I'd only been there an hour when the principal came in and told me what was going on. School was soon cancelled. (This was a high school)

  5. The evil of 9/11 has changed everything.

  6. I was without a radio all day then.
    Before I left the office to go out into the field, one of the girls in the office said "Tony, guess what? some tourists flew a plane into a tall office building in New York".
    I was amazed at the news.

  7. A FDNY firefighter put it best. I do not remember the exact quote, but the basics of it was that he did not realize how evil, evil could be, until 9/11.

    I was saddened that I was unable to attend the local memorial here at our Air Base, but it truly was a day that changed us all, and I still weep for all those whose lives were lost.


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