Friday, January 29, 2016

January's gone?!

I can't believe that January has gone by so fast. It's almost terrifying to think of the speed at which time is flying by. Because today is the last Friday of the month, which means it's time for...

For those of you who don't know, the rules to this bloghop are as follows:

1) Beth and I will be co-hosts of this list.
2) If you do enter your link into the list, please be supportive of the other entrants.
3) Keep us up to date with how you're doing. Update Day is on the last Friday of every month. Even if you don't think you achieved much or anything, write a quick post to say so. We can't encourage if we don't know.
4) When you enter your blog's address write your goal as the link title. For example, my link's title will be "earn $7500 per month." Not your name or your blog's. This is so we can keep track of who's doing what. AND it will serve as an easy indication of the fact that you're not the only crazy one.
5) Please please please spread the word! I know this is nuts, but I know a lot of people need encouragement, and making a decision and figuring out how to get there is half the battle...

You're welcome to sign up at any time.
As for how I did in January... not good. I've been required to keep an insane work schedule with the two first weeks having 16 hour work days. Which meant that I mostly slept when I didn't work. By the third week, things were going better, but I was so exhausted that I just couldn't put in the hours of writing and editing required to achieve my goals.

To sum up:

Goals for January: 


1) 60k (which can either be 60k written or 60 hours of edits or a combination of the two.)
I managed 8877 words, about half of which was edits. I want to see if I can get past 10k this weekend.
2) Finish the Wo6C3 rewrite. 
Didn't start yet. I wanted to, and had some free time, but it felt like I'd lost my train of thought. So I had to reread the whole thing that I've written so far in order to pick up where I left off.

3) Submit "Turning Points" Short Story by 31 January. 
4) Finish Untethered Realms Anthology rough draft. 
I'm on track for both, mainly because I decided to publish the same short story in both anthologies. (It's funny, but the same story fit both topics, while the two topics will appeal to two different audiences.)

5) Finish BvB1 print-out proofread and formatting. 
I got through the actual proofreading, but haven't implemented any edits yet.

6) Revise ES1.
I'm still waiting for one more CP to send me her feedback before I start.

7) Rough draft BvB2. 
Didn't even think about this yet.

8) Prep DM1 rewrite.
I did do a little bit of thinking about this. Which should make the actual preparations easier for me when I get to them.

9) Research CdW. 
Didn't get to this.


Read six books.
I read three so far, although I might try and see how many I can squeeze into this weekend.

Networking and Marketing: 

1) Set publishing date for BvB1.
Done. BvB1, aka Endless will be out on 30 April. 

2) Arrange blog tours, reviewers etc.
This is in progress. I'm still looking for more help, though, so if you haven't yet and you want to give me a hand, please click here. (Opens to a new window.)

3) Get into a regular posting schedule for main social networks. 
I mostly managed this with blogging, only missing one day because my laptop broke. I didn't get to Twitter, Tumblr and Wattpad the way I had wanted, though.


1) Fall into a regular schedule between work, writing etc as fast as possible. 
Epic fail.

2) Commence refined carb cut-back. 
Done. For the most part I'm living off fruit, veg, protein and dairy.

3) Start singing lessons.
Done just in the nick of time. I started lessons yesterday.
4) Start new dance/sporting activity. 
Not done. 

So all things considered, I don't think I did too badly. Although I really wish that I can get more done. The good thing is that this month should give me quite a few nights off with no internet access, so I should be able to get more done. 

Goals for February: 


1) 60k written, 60 hours edited or a combination of the two.
2) Finish Wo6C3 rewrites.
3) Finish Endless edits and formatting. 
4) Revise ES1
5) Resume writing BvB2
6) Start rough revisions to O1
7) Prep DM1 rewrite
8) Work on CdW concept.
9) Rough draft StW.


Read 6 books.

Networking & Marketing:

1) Finish arranging blog tour. 
2) Send out e-arcs to reviewers. 
3) Start A to Z Challenge Posts.
4) Start prepping for blog tour.
5) Finish Endless paperback cover.
6) Maintain current blogging activity.
7) Become more active on one more social network. 


1) Get into a regular work/life/writing schedule.
2) Maintain diet change
3) Keep singing.
4) Find new exercise/sport activity.

That's it for me. Lots to do, yes. How are your goals coming along? What are your plans for February?


  1. Considering how much you've been working, I'm amazed you got anything else done. Good luck with your goals!

  2. Wow, you are one busy woman with that goal consistently in mind. Love it!

  3. You're incredibly busy! But I love that you have real life goals in there that you're successful with too. Good luck and have a nice weekend. :)

  4. Wow! That is a lot to do! I'm currently behind on my goals, and I don't even have a third of what you've listed here. I'll have to sign up for this list next month.

    Anyway, Color me impressed!! And best of luck to you.

  5. Looks like you did really well with your goals. Keep it up! But don't forget to rest. I nearly burned myself out this month.

  6. Awesome goals! I know you didn't get where you had hoped this last month, but I think you did great! You have lots going on and you accomplished great stuff. I would focus on that!
    Best wishes for February!!!

  7. You certainly are an ambitious woman! What a great way to keep track of your success and encourage others! I especially love that you included things you want to continue to do to remind yourself that you are already partially there. Looks like you're making steady prgress to me :-)

  8. Sounds like you've achieved a tremendous amount, despite a punishing work schedule. Don't be so hard on yourself!

  9. Very busy indeed! You have accomplished a lot. I'm in the beginning process of my goals, but I'll definitely have them completed before the end of this year. I just updated mine!

  10. You are busy as can be indeed. I'd take $7500 a year at this point lmao

  11. With such a crazy work load, I'm gobsmacked you have achieved/are achieving so much. Way to go, Misha. (I just signed I've got to remember the last Friday of the month).

  12. You certainly have a lot going on but I wish you the best of luck with your February goals. Mine is to focus/resume working on my 2015 NaNoWriMo contemporary romance novel and YA supernatural fantasy. Continue the search for poetry bloggers and reviewers and blog tour hosts. Make final adjustments on my poetry chapbook, draft 30 poems for full length poetry manuscript.

  13. You did your best. At least February is a new month.

  14. Nice to meet you. I found you because of your interest in the Lost & Found blog event. Good luck with your participation. I enjoyed your blog post here, because of the way you break down your goals into interesting stages, and encourage other people to do similar. Very commendable! Good luck getting some things done out of those which you are planning. It's nice to see the segments of your ideas about goal-setting formulated in a blog, I feel you. My own goals are working out so-so. I wouldn't mind having better organizational skills. My plans for February include blogging, and work, too, and some reading and a good deal pleasure viewing (television, etc.) It's cold out there!

  15. You are one busy girl, Misha!! January has flown past super fast :(

  16. This post makes my brain hurt - but mostly it impresses me! I love charts and lists and all that stuff.

    Looking at my professed goal - 2 novels in 4 years - is depressing to me. I am so far off that goal!! But I keep plugging away, so that's what counts.

    I posted a day late, but I did post!

  17. Gosh - you set yourself some tough goals! You've done a lot - try to focus on that, rather than the fact it wasn't as musg as you'd hoped.

  18. I think I signed up already to help with the blog tour. I didn't want to sign up again if I already did. If I haven't signed up- I am happy to put up a cover reveal or author interview on my Author Tracker blog. :)

    I am behind on my goals. January was a crazy month for me at work. Here is hoping to a slower work month in February so outside of work we can get a lot more done! :)

  19. You are industrious! Great goals--good luck as you work through them. I like the ENDLESS cover! Very eye-catching, lovely colors. :) And yessss, it's hard to believe January is already over!

  20. Those are some killer goals, but hey, at least you're trying. I'd be tired after all of that work, too. Good to rest up and keep that brain fresh.

  21. I have a plan for A-Z again, and it's fun to think about. I figure, I better have fun with it, else it's better to not participate.

    I would stress over thinking about a specific high achieving goal list like that. But I'm glad it works for you. Do give yourself breaks, as others say, and take care.

  22. All things considered, you really didn't do too badly! Hopefully February will be a little calmer, and allow you to get back into routine again.


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