Tuesday, January 26, 2016

News Day

Hi everyone, welcome to News Day. For those of you who missed it, News Day is my weekly regular feature where I share news that I've found in the bloggosphere or that has been brought to my attention. The news can be about anything from book releases to bloghops and anything in between. If you'd like for me to share something on News Day, please mail me at mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com with NEWS in the headline.

From this blog:

Endless release announcement

In case you missed it, I've announced my release date for Endless on Friday and am currently looking for people who'll help spread the information once the book is launched. You can find more information and the google form I'm using here

Interview with David Powers King

Yesterday, I interviewed David Powers King as part of his blog tour for The Undead Road. Please go read the interview and support him, since he's a great person who definitely deserves some love. 

Coming up on Thursday

Denise Covey will be here, writing about Setting and Story.

Book Releases:

Out Now...


Mind over matter is more than a cliche.

Controlling starships with her mind is all Emily ever dreamed of. Her graduation from the Telekinesis Traffic Control Academy is assured, unless Dylan, an irritating and cocky fellow student, ruins it for her.

The utmost concentration is essential to land a ship from orbit. When Dylan’s jealousy turns to sabotage, thousands of people will die if Emily can’t keep him out of her head. But which of them has the stronger mind?​


When you pen those magical words, “The End”, it’s really only the first step on the road to publication. That first draft needs polishing, revising, editing, but you are too close to your work to do this alone. You need independent, thorough and honest feedback. The kind that digs deep into what’s working and what’s not. The kind that will ruthlessly expose cardboard characters and lackluster descriptions. The kind that will drive transit buses through your carefully-crafted plot. 

In other words, the kind that hurts. 

The trouble is that even amongst friends a detailed critique can be hard to take, but blunt and honest critiques are a necessary growth pain for any writer. Venturing into the anonymous jungle of online critique groups in search of tough love is both terrifying and exponentially rewarding. The Critique Survival Guide shares practical tips for surviving - and thriving on - the harshest of critiquing experiences.

Available at Amazon.com

Coming soon...


Christine Rains, Tara Tyler and C. Lee McKenzie are hosting a Meme Bloghop in February. The rules are simple. Post a meme, visit others and smile. The hosts will be giving away prizes. Sign up here.

Heads up all romance lovers: 


T.F. Walsh is creating a community for writers and readers of romance. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

That's it from me for today. Anything here caught your eye? Any news to share for next week? (Don't forget to mail me.)


  1. Congrats on Endless; the cover looks fantastic. I signed up to help.

    The Undead Road is making a splash. I hosted David for his tour today.

  2. Some great books out indeed. Thankfully winter hasn't made me look like that yet lol

  3. Endless looks great, Misha! I signed up to help spread the word. :)

  4. All good news too:) Especially glad to see David's book out there, I'm promoting it on Friday:)

  5. Nice news sharing Misha. Mass Transit sounds like a mind bender. David is getting off to a goo start with his tour. Best of luck to all mentioned today and that bloghop looks interesting.

  6. You do such a good job spreading the news!

    Your book cover looks amazing! Good luck with it. (Is that the book I read, but with a different title? If so, you don't NEED luck... it's reeeeeeally good!)

    Sounds like a fun bloghop. Just about everybody could use a lift and a smile when they're stuck in the middle of winter.

  7. NOOOOO! NOT the same book! I just went back a couple posts and read about it, and it sounds fantastic!!! Can't wait to read it!

  8. All kinds of goodies! your book sounds awesome! :)

  9. You write what matters and favorite stories books and fans will follow.

  10. Congrats on your cover! Very nice! Congrats to Graeme and Ian on their releases, and yay for the blog hoppers! I hope the rest of your week is great, Misha! :)


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