Monday, July 16, 2012

And I'm back yet again.

Hello all!

Not my feet

Glad to say that I'm finally back. Body is no longer craving refined foods, so now I'm finally feeling as if I can get more work done.

So first thing I'm picking up again is writing, and then blogging. I really feel terrible for not being around as much as I would like, but work really takes a chunk out of me sometimes.

Anyway... I'll try to hit about 40 blogs this afternoon before I go gymming. Shouldn't be impossible.

Speaking of which, have you noticed how great exercise is for creative thought? I mean, yes, it really makes me tired. But then it would, since I only started gymming again after about four months of complete inactivity.

Once I'm done exercising though, I just really feel focused. Which is somewhat frustrating when I have nothing to focus on.

Because I STILL can't decide whether I should rewrite an unrelated story or finish the Doorways series first. Maybe I should just shut up and write what attracts me when it attracts me. After all, except for Doorways, I have nothing that urgently needs to get written.

What isn't good though, is the fact that my indecision is keeping me from writing. So that has to change. And it will. As soon as I'm back from gym and on my happy hormone high.

Anyone else struggling to write because you don't know which project you should go for? Anyone else exercising or starting to exercise?


  1. Yes - to everything you said! I've started trying to get healthier and fitter this year, so I have a trainer and he told me today that when we are physically exhausted our brain kicks it up a gear because it needs to focus more to work. When he teaches boxing he says you have to get the person to box until they're worn out, then you can teach them how to box.

    And with the multiple projects - I get that problem too. I've resolved to just work on my WIP until 'the end' and I can't touch the others until it's done. This has gone well for me, I've been finishing a heap of first drafts because I get so darn bored with the project I want to work on another and I can't until I finish, so I rush to finish :)

  2. The gym will recharge you! I go several times a week and it helps to clear the head.

  3. Like Charmaine, yes to all. But I've always been an avid exerciser but I've had to cut back since I've got a couple of auto-immune disorders. I've actually drained my adrenals so I watch the cardio. 20 minute stints only.

    Also, I've got two new projects I'm working on. When I get stuck on one, I work on the other.

    As for schedules, do what you can. The days I work at the job-job, I don't play on Facebook and Twitter but I try to read as many blogs I can a day and comment. And work on my novels everyday. Even if its for 30 minutes.

  4. I absolutely find any physical activity - or even driving - to be a time when creativity peaks. I keep a little notebook handy and I think the local volunteer fire department wonders why I constantly pull into their parking lot to write things down!

  5. I always resent the time spent on exercise as time I could be writing. But I know that the exercise is not only good for my body, it's good for my creativity. Thanks for reminding me to get a good long swim on my schedule for today!

  6. I'm not gymming but I need to and plan to. I think you need to work on whatever attracts you - if you're instinctively pulled that way, why fight the flow? Ride the creative wave! :-)

    I'm also struggling with what to do with myself in a writerly way. I've got two WIPs and a major revision on a completed work...but like, so major, it's almost like writing something new. My head feels cottony and I need to clear that out and then I suppose I'll just...get started. Starting can be the hardest part, but it does feel so good, once you get going, doesn't it?
    Some Dark Romantic

  7. Exercise? Well i SHOULD start, but no. I dont have any time for it.
    As far as writing.. YES I have the same dilemma, and it too causes me to often not write because I cannot decide WHAT i should write first.
    My first novel needs to be revised more... but I also have this urge to write my YA novel. And so, because I cant decide which i should write right now, i end up not really writing much of anything :(

  8. Exercise is so important for the body and the mind. Keeps us sharp.

  9. Yes, so true. It's odd because I always feel like I'm thinking about nothing and then all kinds of interesting stuff pops into my brain when I'm finished.

  10. Oh, I so know what you're talking about! I have a first novel that needs editing, a first draft of novel number two, and two different ideas for short story collections all pinballing around my head. I think working on whatever feels write for the day is a great idea, as long as I can force myself to write SOMETHING every day. Best of luck with everything! Glad you're feeling better!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  11. Misha, glad you're back. I like exercise as long as it's called something else. Like taking a stroll even a long walk or swimming and playing a game, flying a kite and cleaning toilets. Anything is better than EXERCISE! LOL

  12. I'm stuck between editing two books. One needs minor editing, the other major. Not sure which one to go with. And I totally believe that exercise helps clear your mind.

  13. So glad you're back!!

    I exercise, but I read while I do it. It gives me a mental break from all my other responsibilities, which is what writing does too. I can leave all the "real" things behind and immerse myself in a "realer" world. :)

  14. Exercise has hit my priority list big time. I'm setting up an one-off appointment with a personal training and from there plan to visit the gym three times a week. My fond hope is that the unaccustomed oxygen rush to my brain will whip both my body and my creativity into shape.

    As for the writing, I'm struggling to regain the focus I lost after suffering a concussion earlier this year. Perhaps the exercise will help with that too...?

    At any rate, I wish you success on both fronts!

  15. Good to see that you're back!

    Yes, I'm struggling to write. I have an unfinished novel, but I'm not totally inspired by it and have been considering starting a new project in a different genre.

  16. I really need to get back to a regular exercise routine. The only exercise that truly inspires me in my writing is when I'm hiking. I feel recharged when I do that, plus the fear of encountering a bear on the trail keeps me on my toes, my senses at high alert, it's as close to an extreme sport as I'll ever get. LOL

  17. My exercise is walking the St Bernard. Have fun, hope it motivates you.

  18. Glad you're back and ready to start writing, again. I really should join a gym or start walking or maybe try the Wii Fit program. It might jump-start my creativity, too. I have so many unfinished projects I don't know which way to turn!


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