Tuesday, July 3, 2012

YATT: Doorways Update

Young Adult Teen Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by S.A. Larsen from The Writer's Ally.

Because I'm a bit challenged when it comes to remembering these things, I don't post every week, but now I'm planning out my posts weeks ahead, so I plan to alternate YATT with Interview Tuesdays.

Basically,  YATT celebrates all things YA, whether by writing YA books, or writing about writing YA books. Since I have a no-review policy on my blog, I stick to the latter.

This pretty much leaves me with updating you on my progress with Doorways, my YA epic fantasy. Progress is slow but steady and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to finish edits by 31 August.

One of my CPs has finished the entire novel, and he likes it! ^_^

Sorry. I know squeeing about one CP sounds silly, but there's something really satisfying about having people you don't know read your book and they come back with prasie.

So yes... I have two more CPs to who are still going through my work with a fine toothed comb, then I need some beta readers. I currently have three, but might still need one or two more, but I'm not worrying about that too much yet.

In the mean time, I wrote the query letter for Doorways and submitted it for critique.
It's really strange though, writing a query. I didn't struggle with it or anything. But there's something... real... about it, you know? Like I took one step closer to a cliff I will jump from one day.

Still, now that it's done, I feel pretty good about it. Now I just need to start stalking my dream agent.

Are you writing a YA novel? At what stage of the process are you?  


  1. I just submitted my last novel to a couple of agents/editors. I'm tentatively hopeful (although I'm sure that will change in the next few weeks). At least I felt good enough to send something out :)

  2. Well, I just recently finished copy edits in my YA historical mystery, which is due out next year (release date TBA) and I expect the proof-reading stage is next. I have 2 YA manuscripts currently with my agent, ready for submission. (But we're not supposed to talk about that, right? *chews off another fingernail*)

    And I'm struggling to get down the last 5 chapters of my current WIP, which is a YA contemporary fantasy. The climax is bumpier than I anticipated, and frankly I wish I could time travel to the point in the future where I've finally got it on the page (even if it's dreck) just so I can start revising it!

  3. Hooray for the positive feedback!

    No, I'm not working on anything YA at the moment; just a Science Fiction novel I'm not entirely certain what to do with. :P

  4. Good luck with Doorways. Just curious, why the no review policy?

  5. Great luck!
    But Im pretty jealous that you have no problems writing your Query!
    I will continue to read on your progress and will be one of the first ones to buy your Doorways when it comes out! :)
    I too am writing a YA series. I have finished the the manuscript of the first novel, though Im still editing it again (and again and again) I just dont feel like its ready though.

  6. Glad you got positive feedback for 'Doorways'. Hope your query brings you success. :)


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