Thursday, July 5, 2012

About WiP2...

Yeah... So yesterday's post I wrote on Sunday already. And after I wrote it, I scheduled it and pretty much forgot it. Then on Monday I did open my old draft.

And.... worse than I hate it, I didn't feel a thing. Usually I read the story and love it again, warts and all. I know that the word choices I made could suck. Or that the characterization could be off in the beginning. But the passion, that spark of inspiration urging me to write is there.

With WiP2 it wasn't. I bought Scrivener for the purpose of rewriting it. I committed the time to it. I even wrote some of it again. And I felt nothing. Not even a whisper.

I would have kept pushing myself to work on WiP2 if I didn't happen to see Neil Gaiman's commencement speech. It reminded me of a sad fact of life: when I craft a piece of work with focus but without passion, it falls flat.

But if I have passion and just let the words flow, that's when brilliance comes out.

The moment I realized it, I decided to delete what I've rewritten and shelf the story. If I get a flash of inspiration that brings the story back to life, I'll definitely open it again.

But right now, it isn't the story for me. In a sense, I wrote it as an experiment in multiple points of view and many characters. And I learnt a lot from it, but when I looked at it again, I just realized that the story probably went as far as it was going to go.

I'm not giving up on writing while I wait to finish the Doorways edit, though. I impulsively decided to check out my other project, Don't Look Back - formerly the NaNo 2011 WiP. Immediately I felt that spark. Because yes, while WiP2 is a cliche heaped on cliche, DLB is fresh an really sexy. I love it.

So yes, I'm definitely continuing with it. In fact, I'm thinking that I'll start in on it again tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can start the rewrite before the end of the year.

I'm excited all over again just thinking about it.

Have you ever gone back to a story you used to love and took a break from, only to find you didn't love it any more?


  1. If it just wasn't flowing and there was no passion, why bother? You're right, a story falls flat that way.

  2. I think you made the right choice, Misha. It's much better to concentrate on one you have the passion to write and edit.
    I don't think any of my manuscripts have fallen completely flat for me. I always muster up some of that old passion when I return to them. Some more than others.

  3. If that's the feeling you had when you read it, then shelving it is the right decision... for now. I'm glad you've got something else to work on!

  4. Definitely! I have one on the shelf that may end up in the shredder one of these days. I doubt I can save it.

  5. I totally know what you're talking about! Most of the time, I'll love an idea, and I'll get halfway through writing it, and realize that it doesn't work. At all. But it's great you're returning to a WIP you're passionate about. Good luck. :)

  6. Yes! A couple of nano's ago I decided to write paranormal romance. Upon rereading rhe book completely sucked and hated all the characters.
    I was happy because it made me see something very important: write what you can't wait to write and read :)

  7. I keep losing interest in my current work, and finding new inspiration for ones that I'd abandoned years ago.

  8. To answer your question, yup.

  9. Taking a break can be the best thing. Good for you for moving on!
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. Just follow your heart! this your passion and take a break every once in a while!

  11. Sometimes we need to break from a story. All of my best posts are ones that I started and grew bored with. Months later I went back and finished them and they came out great. Breaks are a good thing!

  12. If there's no passion in what you're writing, it won't inspire readers. Sometimes it's better to just walk away and find something else that will inspire YOU! :)


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