Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time Issues

I feel so guilty that I haven't been writing a YATT post in such a long time. And it's rather stupid, because a lot of my Tuesday posts were YA related. Sigh.

Still, going back and adding the badge feels like cheating, so... here I am, still feeling guilty.


I'm really starting to miss when I was still in high school. Wow. There was a phrase that I never thought I'd use.

But no, this isn't an attack of nostalgia on my part. I'm not missing the hanging with friends, or all the other things that people miss about that time of their life.

No. I miss that I had A LOT of writing time. I mean, six hours at school? With me finishing the homework before the class was finished? Yeah... writing.... writing... writing... writing.

Nothing to do in the afternoon? Pht. Write.

I almost want to cry at the amount of writing time I wasted.

Especially now, when my writing time has taken a huge hit. See, my quiet working days aren't quiet any more. So there goes eight hours out of every work day. And then there's the fact that I'm exhausted when I'm done working. Two hours more. Six to eight for sleeping... Three for eating with the family. Two a night for random non-writing activities... That adds up to 23 hours. I have one freaking hour to write. Per day.

That is unacceptable.

Un. Ac. Ceptable.

I am going to crack.

And soon.

Where do you create time to write? I'm already at the point of changing my sleeping patterns to fit it in. I'm even *shudder* pre-writing my blog posts. I really don't want to dump non-writing activities because that will make me a hermit, but I already dropped one because it was wasting writing time. Any suggestions?  


  1. Rest assured, even that hour a day will help in writing your book, sometimes that's all we get, sometimes we can carve out more. Good luck.

  2. It's not easy. But don't forget that living life will enhance your writing. You will be more experienced and grow more passionate. Give yourself permission when writing time avails you. It's okay. I have four kids and two ill parents to care for. The hubby works constantly, leaving me to run pretty much everything on the home front. When I started writing seriously three years ago, it was a major upheaval for my family. Still is. But I've grown, learned to take it all in stride. I will get there. And so will you. ;D

  3. It's hard to find time, especially when you work all day, because lots of times your brain is done and even though you can sit at the computer, your brain has other plans.

    I don't get down on myself if I can't write everyday. There will be time.

  4. I work full time outside of the house, so I sneak in writing time before and after work. Sometimes in the morning when I first get up. There is time, you just have to find it, or make it.

    1. Oh yeah, don't look back at the time wasted...that will drive you crazy. Just move forward.

  5. I have no advice. I can only do the refrain of the chorus with you "I need more time to write!!!!"

    But I steal the writing when I can. A break during work?I'm wokring on something for writing. My daughter is taking a few extra minutes eating dinner? Instead of hurrying her, I'm taking a few minutes to write something then I hop on mommy duties to hurry her from the kitchen to get ready for bed lol!! Perhaps I've become a time thief, stealing the time when and where I can.

  6. I have a friend who power writes 20 minutes a day. She sets an egg-timer and does nothing else. I think knowing that's all the time she's going to get makes her very productive.

  7. Good luck with the writing time. It sucks when life conspires against your desires.

  8. I'm trying to figure this out for myself. From the A to Z adventure, I've learned I can handle a lot when I've made a plan/schedule. But working in blogging, while working full time, AND making time for my personal writing...well, I'll be happy to share any bright ideas (if I get any!). ;-)

    Some Dark Romantic

  9. I can be very selfish when it comes to "me". If I don't have inner balance, no one is going to receive the best of me anyway therefore, I come first!

    I'm not married and my daughter is grown so I don't have the type of responsiblilities that you do.

    Juggling family and work is a task and can take the focus off of the individual self which can also create a loss of inner balance.

    Perhaps going to a library for a few hours a day or on the weekend; just to get away from everything; luch breaks at work,etc.

    Personally, if I was married with children and had a project or something to do that ment a lot to me - I would share that desire with my husband, and children and request that they participate in providing me with the time to accomplish my goals; that way everybody rearranges their time and schedule to incorportate me; after all, that's what family is all about and I think it can produce a strong family value in children.

    I hope it all works out for you, Misha! Choices and decisions, they never end!

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